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May-2018Aerodynamic optimization of through-flow design model of a high by-pass transonic aero-engine fan using genetic algorithmKor, Orçun; Acarer, Sercan; Özkol, Ünver 
2017Computational determination of volume averaged transport properties of heat and fluid flow in porous media by using microtomography imagesÇelik, Hasan; Mobedi Moghtada; Nakayama, Akira.; Özkol, Ünver.
Jun-2014Determination of kozeny constant based on porosity and pore to throat size ratio in porous medium with rectangular rodsÖzgümüş, Türküler; Mobedi, Moghtada; Özkol, Ünver 
2015Development of a new universal inverse through-flow program and method for fully coupled split-flow turbomachinery systemsAcarer, Sercan; Özkol, Ünver 
Jan-2014Effect of urban geometry on pedestrian-level wind velocityArkon, Çelen Ayşe; Özkol, Ünver 
Feb-2017An extension of the streamline curvature through-flow design method for bypass fans of turbofan enginesAcarer, Sercan; Özkol, Ünver 
2019Kanat profili invisid-viskoz çözümü ve geçiş tahminiPekdüz, Umut; Özkol, Ünver 
2007Mean and fluctuating velocity characteristics of a separated shear layer past a surface mounted blockÖzkol, Ünver ; Wark, C.; Fabris, D.
2018A numerical study on determination of volume averaged thermal transport properties of metal foam structures using X-ray microtomography techniqueÇelik, Hasan; Mobedi, Moghtada; Nakayama, Akira; Özkol, Ünver 
May-2019Off-design analysis of transonic bypass fan systems using streamline curvature through-flow methodAcarer, Sercan; Özkol, Ünver 
2017A pore scale analysis for determination of interfacial convective heat transfer coefficient for thin periodic porousmedia undermixed convectionÇelik, Hasan; Mobedi, Moghtada; Manca, Oronzio; Özkol, Ünver 
2019A study on numerical determination of permeability and inetia coefficient of aluminum foam using X-Ray microtomography techniques: Focus on inspection methods for reliability (permeability and inertia coefficient by tomography)Çelik, Hasan; Mobedi, Moghtada; Nakayama, Akira; Özkol, Ünver 
2013Thermal dispersion in porous media - A review on the experimental studies for packed bedsÖzgümüş, Türküler; Mobedi, Moghtada; Özkol, Ünver ; Nakayama, Akira
Jan-2010Visualization of diffusion and convection heat transport in a square cavity with natural convectionMobedi, Moghtada; Özkol, Ünver ; Sunden, Bengt