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Sep-2007Effect of magnetic field on quasiparticle branches of intrinsic Josephson junctions with ferromagnetic layerÖzyüzer, Lütfi ; Özdemir, Mustafa; Kurter, Cihan; Hinks, David G.; Gray, Kenneth E.
2007Spin polarized and degenerate tunneling spectra in intrinsic Josephson junctions of Bi2212Özdemir, Mustafa; Özyüzer, Lütfi ; Kurter, Cihan
Jun-2007Spin polarized current injection through HgBr2 intercalated Bi2212 intrinsic josephson junctionsÖzyüzer, Lütfi ; Kurter, Cihan; Özdemir, Mustafa; Zasadzinski, John F.; Gray, Kenneth E.; Hinks, David G.