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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2022Canopy-to-canopy liquid cooling for the thermal management of lithium-ion batteries, a constructal approachGüngör, Şahin; Çetkin, Erdal ; Lorente, Sylvie
2017Circular and semi-circular constructal vascular channels for cooling and reduced stressesÇetkin, Erdal 
Aug-2017Constructal microdevice manifold design with uniform flow rate distribution by consideration of the tree-branching rule of Leonardo da Vinci and Hess-Murray ruleÇetkin, Erdal 
2015Constructal structures for self-cooling: Microvascular wavy and straight channelsÇetkin, Erdal 
Jan-2016Constructal structures with and without high-conductivity inserts for self-coolingÇetkin, Erdal 
Jan-2016Constructal tree-shaped designs for self-coolingYenigün, Onur; Çetkin, Erdal 
Nov-2015Constructal vascular structures with high-conductivity inserts for self-coolingÇetkin, Erdal 
Jan-2015Constructal vascularized structuresÇetkin, Erdal 
Dec-2017The effect of cavities and T-shaped assembly of fins on overall thermal resistancesÇetin, Eylem; Çetkin, Erdal 
Feb-2018The effect of cooling on mechanical and thermal stresses in vascular structuresÇetkin, Erdal 
2018The effect of time delay of fluid flow in a vascularized plateYenigün, Onur; Coşkun, Turgay; Çetkin, Erdal 
May-2021Emergence of rectangular shell shape in thermal energy storage applications: Fitting melted phase changing material in a fixed spaceDemirkıran, İsmail Gürkan; Çetkin, Erdal 
2014Emergence of taperedducts in vascular designs with laminar and turbulent flowsÇetkin, Erdal 
Dec-2016Experimental and numerical investigation of constructal vascular channels for self-cooling: Parallel channels, tree-shaped and hybrid designsYenigün, Onur; Çetkin, Erdal 
Jul-2021Four-way refrigerant piping system design for variable speed compressorKaradoğan, Ceren
2019Heat transfer enhancement in a microchannel heat sink: Nanofluids and/or micro pin finsCoşkun, Turgay; Çetkin, Erdal 
2015Inverted fins for cooling of a non-unifromly heated domainÇetkin, Erdal 
14-Jul-2015The natural emergence of asymmetric tree-shaped pathways for cooling of a non-uniformly heated domainÇetkin, Erdal ; Oliani, Alessandro
Jun-2021Numerical investigation of thermal management in photovoltaic cells with phase changing materials (PCM) and high conductivity insertsKyaligonza, Sylevaster
2020A review of heat and fluid flow characteristics in microchannel heat sinksÇoşkun, Turgay; Çetkin, Erdal