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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2005Fabrication of array of mesas on superconducting Bi2Sr 2CaCu2O8+? single crystalsKurter, Cihan; Özyüzer, Lütfi 
2005Fabrication of mesa structures on superconducting Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+& single crystalsKurter, Cihan
Jan-2011The ICRN value in intrinsic Josephson tunnel Junctions in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+? (Bi2212) mesasKurter, Cihan; Özyüzer, Lütfi ; Hinks, David G.; Gray, Kenneth E.; Zasadzinski, John F.
Sep-2007Investigation of the tunneling spectra in HgBr2-intercalated Bi-2212 single crystals below and above TcKurter, Cihan; Mazur, Daniel; Özyüzer, Lütfi ; Hinks, David G.; Gray, Kenneth E.
Dec-2007Large energy gaps in Ca C6 from tunneling spectroscopy: Possible evidence of strong-coupling superconductivityKurter, Cihan; Özyüzer, Lütfi ; Mazur, Daniel; Zasadzinski, John F.; Rosenmann, Daniel; Claus, Helmut; Hinks, David G.; Gray, Kenneth E.
2006Modeling study of the dip-hump feature in Bi2 Sr2 CaCu2 O8+? tunneling spectroscopyRomano, Pierom; Özyüzer, Lütfi ; Yusof, Zikri; Kurter, Cihan; Zasadzinski, John F.
Oct-2011Reply to "comment on 'Counterintuitive consequence of heating in strongly-driven intrinsic junctions of Bi2Sr2CaCu 2O8+? mesas'"Kurter, Cihan; Özyüzer, Lütfi ; Proslier, Thomas; Zasadzinski, John F.; Hinks, David G.; Gray, Kenneth E.
Jun-2007Self-heating effect in intrinsic tunneling spectroscopy of HgBr2 intercalated Bi2.1Sr1.4Ca1.5Cu 2O8+? single crystalsKurter, Cihan; Özyüzer, Lütfi ; Zasadzinski, John F.; Hinks, David G.; Gray, Kenneth E.
2007Spin polarized and degenerate tunneling spectra in intrinsic Josephson junctions of Bi2212Özdemir, Mustafa; Özyüzer, Lütfi ; Kurter, Cihan
Jun-2007Spin polarized current injection through HgBr2 intercalated Bi2212 intrinsic josephson junctionsÖzyüzer, Lütfi ; Kurter, Cihan; Özdemir, Mustafa; Zasadzinski, John F.; Gray, Kenneth E.; Hinks, David G.
2009Terahertz wave emission from intrinsic Josephson junctions in high- Tc superconductorsÖzyüzer, Lütfi ; Şimşek, Yılmaz; Köseoğlu, Hasan; Türkoğlu, Fulya; Kurter, Cihan; Welp, U.; Koshelev, A. E.; Gray, Kenneth E.; Kwok, W. K.; Yamamoto, T.; Kadowaki, K.; Koval, Yu I.; Wang, Huabing; Müller, Paul H.
Jun-2009Thermal management in large Bi2212 mesas used for terahertz sourcesKurter, Cihan; Gray, Kenneth E.; Zasadzinski, John F.; Özyüzer, Lütfi ; Koshelev, A. E.; Li, Q.; Yamamoto, T.; Kadowaki, K.; Kwok, W. K.; Tachiki, M.; Welp, U.