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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Bacterial detection using bacteriophages and gold nanorods by following time-dependent changes in Raman spectral signalsMoghtader, Farzaneh; Tomak, Aysel; Zareie, Hadi M.; Piskin, Erhan
Feb-2013Barrier properties of corn zein nanocomposite coated polypropylene films for food packaging applicationsÖzçalık, Onur; Tıhmınlıoğlu, Funda 
Dec-2018BaTiO3 based ferroelectric materials for electrocaloric cooling applicationsŞanlı, Keriman
2018Bilayers of janus WSSe: Monitoring the stacking type: Via the vibrational spectrumKandemir, Ali; Şahin, Hasan 
2004Biocompatibility and microstructural characterization of PVD coated and nitrogen implanted Co-Cr alloyTürkan, Uğur
Jun-2007Biofilm formation by Staphylococcus epidermidis on nitrogen ion implanted CoCrMo alloy materialÖztürk, Orhan ; Sudağıdan, Mert; Türkan, Uğur
Mar-2018A BODIPY-Based fluorescent probe to visually detect phosgene: Toward the development of a handheld phosgene detectorSayar, Melike; Karakuş, Erman; Güner, Tuğrul; Yıldız, Büşra; Yıldız, Ümit Hakan ; Emrullahoğlu, Mustafa 
2020BODIPY-based organic color conversion layers for WLEDsYüce, Hürriyet; Güner, Tuğrul; Dartar, Suay; Kaya, Beraat U.; Emrullahoğlu, Mustafa ; Demir, Mustafa Muammer 
Oct-2017BODIPY-conjugated chitosan nanoparticles as a fluorescent probeBor, Gizem; Üçüncü, Muhammed; Emrullahoğlu, Mustafa ; Tomak, Aysel; Şanlı Mohamed, Gülşah 
2006CaP coating of porous sintered Ti6Al4V powder compacts using biomimetic and sol-gel methodsAltındiş, Mustafa
2005A case study of material testing for corrosion in low temperature geothermal systemsİnce, Umut
1999Cation exchange in zeolites structure modification by using a microwaveAkdeniz, Yelda
Sep-2012Challenges in the preparation of optical polymer composites with nanosized pigment particles: A review on recent effortsDemir, Mustafa Muammer ; Wegner, Gerhard
Jul-2016Characterization and expansion behaviour of perliteGül, Dilek
2005Characterization of selected Beylikler Period mortars and processing of new intervention mortars for restoration purposesBudak, Meral
2006Characterization of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) modified by metal-gas hybrid ion implantation techniqueUrkaç Sokullu, Şadiye Emel
Apr-2014Charging of gold/metal oxide/gold nanocapacitors in a scanning electron microscopeCoutts, Michael J.; Zareie, Hadi M.; Cortie, Michael B.; McDonagh, Andrew Michael
2019Chemically modified optical fibers in advanced technology: An overviewShukla, S. K.; Kushwaha, Chandra Shekhar; Güner, Tuğrul; Demir, Mustafa Muammer 
Jun-2013Chitosan fiber-supported zero-valent iron nanoparticles as a novel sorbent for sequestration of inorganic arsenicHorzum Polat, Nesrin; Demir, Mustafa Muammer ; Nairat, Muath; Shahwan, Talal
Jul-2015Circulating nucleic acid (CNA) separation from serum by electrospun membranesIşık, Tuğba