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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999The effect of car mass on (internal and external) safety with a case study on concept family carMızıkacı, Sinan
2006The effect of engineering criteria in the application of cooling system and air-condition system used in trade vehicles on industrial design criteriaKeshavarzi, Ferhan
Dec-2016Effects of advertising on product gender perception: Washing machines in the Turkish marketGüngör, Oğuzhan
2006Electronic and telecommunication engineering concepts in industrial product design with a case study of cell phoneDülger, Ufuk
2004Engineering concepts in industrial product desing with a case study of bicycle desingKocabıyık, Elif
Dec-2016Evaluating adoption of open source tools in industrial design educationAykul, Zeynep
2005Evaluation of product sound design within the context of emotion design and emotional brandingPiker, Gürer
2006An examination of design processes adopted by a company involved in design-based manufacturing and forming an approach to an optimum system: A case study in Teba-GünkolErtok Eşit, Banu
2018Exploring adoption of augmented reality smart glasses: Applications in the medical industryBaşoğlu, Nuri ; Göken, Müge; Dabic, Marina; Özdemir Güngör, Dilek; Daim, Tuğrul U.
Dec-2015Exploring adoption of smart glasses: Applications in medical industryGöken, Müge
Jan-2017Exploring adoption of smart glasses: Applications in medical industryGöken, Müge; Başoğlu, Ahmet Nuri ; Dabic, Marina
2015Exploring the design factors of smart glassesOk, Ali Emre; Başoğlu, Ahmet Nuri 
Jul-2019The factors that influence usage of mobile augmented reality applicationYavuz, Merve
2004Fashion and communication concept in industrial designSönmez, Bahar
2019Filmde heteroglossia, filmin heteroglossia’sı: La haineCox, Ayça Tunç ; Dane, Ouma Ma Ja
2007A historical analysis on the effects of experimental photography in industrial product advertising: Bauhaus SchoolKabukçu, Evrim
Oct-2012Hyphenated identities: The recept ion of Turkish German cinema in the Turkish daily pressTunç Cox, Ayça 
Jul-2019Inclusive design for public space in Basmane, Izmir: Psychogeography as a design method for urban furnitureErtürk, Aylin
2006The indigenous product concept in relation to international design industry: The instruments used in preparing and driking tea and coffee in Turkish cultureArslan, Esra
2004Industrial product design by using two-dimensional material in the context of origamic structure and integrityYiğit, Nergiz