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2019Charged-particle angular correlations in XeXe collisions at root s(NN)=5.44 TeVKarapınar, Güler ; CMS Collaboration
Apr-2017Charged-particle nuclear modification factors in PbPb and pPb collisions at ?sNN=5.02 TeVCMS Collaboration; Karapınar, Güler 
2018Charged-particle nuclear modification factors in XeXe collisions at root S-NN=5.44 TeVKarapınar, Güler ; CMS Collaboration
Dec-2016CMS CollaborationCMS Collaboration; Karapınar, Güler 
Dec-2014CMS CollaborationCMS Collaboration; Karapınar, Güler 
Nov-2014CMS CollaborationCMS Collaboration; Karapınar, Güler 
2010CMS data processing workflows during an extended cosmic ray runDemir, Durmuş Ali ; CMS Collaboration
Jun-2007CMS physics technical design report, volume II: Physics performanceDemir, Durmuş Ali ; CMS Collaboration
Nov-2007CMS physics technical design report: Addendum on high density QCD with heavy ionsDemir, Durmuş Ali ; CMS Collaboration
2017The CMS trigger systemKhachatryan, V.; Sirunyan, A. M.; Tumasyan, A.; Adam, W.; Asilar, E.; Bergauer, T.; Karapınar, Güler ; CMS Collaboration
Sep-2017Coherent J/? photoproduction in ultra-peripheral PbPb collisions at sNN=2.76TeV with the CMS experimentCMS Collaboration; Karapınar, Güler 
2019Combination of CMS searches for heavy resonances decaying to pairs of bosons or leptonsKarapınar, Güler ; CMS Collaboration
Jan-2018Combination of inclusive and differential tt¯ charge asymmetry measurements using ATLAS and CMS data at ?s = 7 and 8 TeVCMS Collaboration; ATLAS Collaboration; Karapınar, Güler 
2017Combination of searches for heavy resonances decaying to WW, WZ, ZZ, WH, and ZH boson pairs in proton-proton collisions at root s=8 and 13 TeVKarapınar, Güler ; CMS Collaboration
2019Combination of Searches for Higgs Boson Pair Production in Proton-Proton Collisions at root s=13 TeVKarapınar, Güler ; CMS Collaboration
2020Combination of the W boson polarization measurements in top quark decays using ATLAS and CMS data at root s=8 TeVCMS Collaboration
2019Combinations of single-top-quark production cross-section measurements and vertical bar f(LV)V(tb)vertical bar determinations at root s=7 and 8 TeV with the ATLAS and CMS experimentsKarapınar, Güler ; CMS Collaboration
2015Combined measurement of the higgs boson mass in pp collisions at root s=7 and 8 TeV with the ATLAS and CMS experimentsAad, G.; Abbott, B.; Abdallah, J.; Abdinov, O.; Aben, R.; Abolins, M.; Sosa, D.; CMS Collaboration
2019Combined measurements of Higgs boson couplings in proton- proton collisions at v s=13TeVKarapınar, Güler ; CMS Collaboration
Aug-2016Combined search for anomalous pseudoscalar HVV couplings in VH(H?bb?) production and HH?VV decayCMS Collaboration; Karapınar, Güler