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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2008Organotin compounds as PVC stabilizersArkış, Esen
2003A study of chemical and physical changes during biaxially oriented polypropylene film productionÜlkü, Semra; Balköse, Devrim; Arkış, Esen; Sipahioğlu, Muzaffer
Sep-2005Synergistic effect of natural zeolites on flame retardant additivesDemir, Hasan; Arkış, Esen; Balköse, Devrim; Ülkü, Semra
Apr-2005Thermal stabilisation of poly(vinyl chloride) by organotin compoundsArkış, Esen; Balköse, Devrim
Mar-2002Tin soaps in emulsion PVC heat stabilizationArkış, Esen; Balköse, Devrim