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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2015Neuraminidase-1 contributes significantly to the degradation of neuronal B-series gangliosides but not to the bypass of the catabolic block in Tay-Sachs mouse modelsTimur, Zehra Kevser; Akyıldız Demir, Seçil; Marsching, C.; Sandhoff, R.; Seyrantepe, Volkan 
2018The second case of saposin a deficiency and altered autophagyKöse, Melis; Akyıldız Demir, Seçil; Akıncı, Gülçin; Eraslan, Cenk; Yılmaz, Ünsal; Ceylaner, Serdar; Sözmen Yıldırım, Eser; Seyrantepe, Volkan 
2021Sialidase neu4 deficiency is associated with neuroinflammation in miceTimur, Zehra Kevser; İnci, Orhan Kerim; Akyıldız Demir, Seçil; Seyrantepe, Volkan 
Dec-2019Understanding the biological role of sialidase NEU3 in Tay-Sachs disease mouse modelAkyıldız Demir, Seçil