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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Free vibration analysis of damaged composite beamsCünedioğlu, Yusuf; Beylergil, Bertan 
Jul-2014Free vibration analysis of laminated composite beam under room and high temperaturesCünedioğlu, Yusuf; Beylergil, Bertan 
2019Mode-I fracture toughness of carbon fiber/epoxy composites interleaved by aramid nonwoven veilsBeylergil, Bertan ; Tanoğlu, Metin ; Aktaş, Engin 
2016Modification of carbon fibre/epoxy composites by polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) based electrospun nanofibresBeylergil, Bertan ; Tanoğlu, Metin ; Aktaş, Engin 
2019Poliamid 6/6 (PA 66) mikrofiberler ile toklaştırılmış tabakalı kompozitlerin mod-I delaminasyon direncinin istatiksel analiziBeylergil, Bertan ; Tanoğlu, Metin ; Aktaş, Engin 
Jul-2014Shear strength of pultruded composite pins with external confinementBeylergil, Bertan ; Aktaş, Alaattin; Pekbey, Yeliz
Nov-2017Toughening of carbon fiber based composites with electrospun fabric layersBeylergil, Bertan