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2010Recovery of phytochemicals (having antimicrobial and antioxidant characteristics) from local plantsAltıok, Evren
Nov-2007Recovery of proanthocyanidin from waste of Turkish traditional product, pekmez (molasses)Altıok, Evren; Ülkü, Semra ; Ülkü, Semra ; Ülkü, Semra ; Bayraktar, Oğuz ; Bayraktar, Oğuz ; Bayraktar, Oğuz 
Oct-2013Removal of bacteria by clinoptilolite rich mineral and its surfactant modified formsCansever Erdoğan, Beyhan; Ülkü, Semra 
2001Removal of heavy metals from wastewaters by use of natural zeolitesTürkmen, Müşerref
2002Removal of hydrocarbons from wastewatersKoltuksuz, Gülsan
Dec-2008A review on adsorption heat pump: Problems and solutionsDemir, Hasan ; Mobedi, Moghtada ; Ülkü, Semra 
2010A review: Preparation, characterization and applications of magnesium stearate, cobalt stearate and copper stearateGönen, Mehmet; Egbuchunam, Theresa O.; Balköse, Devrim ; İnal, Fikret ; Ülkü, Semra 
Oct-2004Silver, zinc, and copper exchange in a Na-clinoptilolite and resulting effect on antibacterial activityTop, Ayben ; Ülkü, Semra 
May-2010Statistical thermal stability of PVCAtakul Savrık, Sevdiye; Cansever Erdoğan, Beyhan; Balköse, Devrim ; Ülkü, Semra 
Jan-1998A study of adsorption of water vapour on wool under static and dynamic conditionsÜlkü, Semra ; Balköse, Devrim ; Çağa, Tayfun; Özkan, Fehime ; Ulutan, Sevgi
2003A study of chemical and physical changes during biaxially oriented polypropylene film productionÜlkü, Semra ; Balköse, Devrim ; Arkış, Esen ; Sipahioğlu, Muzaffer 
2011A study on isotherm characteristics of adsorbent-adsorbate pairs used in adsorption heat pumpsYıldırım, Zeynep Elvan
Jul-2009Supercritical carbon dioxide drying of methanol-Zinc borate mixturesGönen, Mehmet; Balköse, Devrim ; Gupta, Ram B.; Ülkü, Semra 
2011Supercritical ethanol drying of zinc borates of 2ZnO center dot 3B(2)O(3)center dot 3H(2)O and ZnO center dot B2O3 center dot 2H(2)OGönen, Mehmet; Balköse, Devrim ; Ülkü, Semra 
Jun-2005Synergistic effect of metal soaps and natural zeolite on poly(vinyl chloride) thermal stabilityAtakul, Sevdiye; Balköse, Devrim ; Ülkü, Semra 
2004Synergistic effect of natural zeolites on flame retardant additivesDemir, Hasan 
Sep-2005Synergistic effect of natural zeolites on flame retardant additivesDemir, Hasan ; Arkış, Esen ; Balköse, Devrim ; Ülkü, Semra 
May-2011Synthesis of zinc borate by inverse emulsion technique for lubricationAtakul Savrık, Sevdiye; Balköse, Devrim ; Ülkü, Semra 
Jul-2007Thermal behaviour of a zeolitic tuffÇağlar Duvarcı, Özlem ; Akdeniz, Yelda; Özmıhçı Ömürlü, Filiz ; Ülkü, Semra ; Balköse, Devrim ; Çiftçioğlu, Muhsin 
Dec-2008Thermal stability of Ag-exchanged clinoptilolite rich mineralAkdeniz, Yelda; Ülkü, Semra