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Jan-2004The effect of interfacial interactions on the mechanical properties of polypropylene/natural zeolite compositesMetin, Dildare; Tıhmınlıoğlu, Funda ; Balköse, Devrim ; Ülkü, Semra 
2011Effect of isotherm shape on mass transfer in an adsorbent particle; An isothermal adsorption processYıldırım, Zeynep Elvan; Gediz İliş, Gamze; Mobedi, Moghtada ; Ülkü, Semra 
2009The effect of microwaves on ion exchange in zeolitesAkdeniz, Yelda
Apr-2016Effect of regeneration temperature on adsorption equilibria and mass diffusivity of zeolite 13x-water pairSayılgan, Şefika Çağla; Mobedi, Moghtada ; Ülkü, Semra 
Apr-2007Effect of temperature and time on zinc borate species formed from zinc oxide and boric acid in aqueous mediumEltepe, H. Emre; Balköse, Devrim ; Ülkü, Semra 
2006Effect of the zeolite filler on the thermal degradation kinetics of polypropyleneTıhmınlıoğlu, Funda ; Pehlivan, Hilal; Balköse, Devrim ; Ülkü, Semra 
Jul-2006Effect of zeolite filler on the thermal degradation kinetics of polypropylenePehlivan, Hilal; Balköse, Devrim ; Ülkü, Semra ; Tıhmınlıoğlu, Funda 
Dec-2008The effect of zinc stearate on thermal degradation of paraffin waxGönen, Mehmet; Balköse, Devrim ; İnal, Fikret ; Ülkü, Semra 
Apr-2009Effects of porosity on heat and mass transfer in a granular adsorbent bedDemir, Hasan ; Mobedi, Moghtada ; Ülkü, Semra 
2008An experimental and theoretical study on the improvement of adsorption heat pump performanceDemir, Hasan 
1996Flexible poly(vinyl chloride)-zeolite composites for dye adsorption from aqueous solutionsBalköse, Devrim ; Ulutan, Sevgi; Çakıcıoğlu Özkan, Seher Fehime ; Ülkü, Semra ; Köktürk, Uğur
Oct-2011Heat and mass transfer in the adsorbent bed of an adsorption heat pumpDemir, Hasan ; Mobedi, Moghtada ; Ülkü, Semra 
2008Heavy metal removal using natural zeolite packed ion exchange columnBalköse, Devrim ; Ülkü, Semra 
May-2006Influence of surface modification of fillers and polymer on flammability and tensile behaviour of polypropylene-compositesDemir, Hasan ; Balköse, Devrim ; Ülkü, Semra 
2010Inhibition of microbial ß-glucuronidase by natural zeolites and their effects on cancer prevention in human intestinal systemsDemirbüker Kavak, Dilek 
2009Integrated approach to whey utilization through natural zeolite adsorption/ desorption and fermentationPolat, Zelal
Apr-2013Investigation of structural properties of clinoptilolite rich zeolites in simulated digestion conditions and their cytotoxicity against Caco-2 cells in vitroKavak, Dilek Demirbüker ; Ülkü, Semra 
2004Ion exchange in natural zeolite packed columnCan, Özge 
1-Sep-2008Isolation of polyphenols from the extracts of olive leaves (Olea europaea L.) by adsorption on silk fibroinAltıok, Emre; Bayçın, Deniz; Bayraktar, Oğuz ; Ülkü, Semra 
Feb-2015Kinetic and equilibrium studies of adsorption of ß-glucuronidase by clinoptilolite-rich mineralsDemirbüker Kavak, Dilek ; Ülkü, Semra