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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Phosphorylated hazelnut shell waste for sustainable lithium recovery application as biosorbentRecepoğlu, Yaşar Kemal ; Yüksel, Aslı 
22-Nov-2021Photocatalytic hydrogen energy evolution from sugar beet wastewaterOrak, Ceren ; Yüksel, Aslı 
Dec-2018Production of bio-oil from haelnut shell waste by using supercritical ethanol, acetone and their mixturDal, Orkan
Jun-2020Selective catalytic conversion of cellulose and glucose into sorbitol in subcritical waterSapmaz, Aycan
2022Selective catalytic hydrogenation of cellulose into sorbitol with Ru-based catalystsOrak, Ceren ; Sapmaz, Aycan; Yüksel, Aslı 
2021Synthesis, characterization and adsorption studies of phosphorylated cellulose for the recovery of lithium from aqueous solutionsRecepoğlu, Yaşar Kemal ; Yüksel, Aslı 
2023Treatment of sugar industry wastewater by using subcritical water as a reaction mediaOrak, Ceren ; Öcal, Bulutcem; Yüksel, Aslı 
2020Ultrasound assisted extraction for the recovery of phenolic compounds from waste hazelnut shellDal, Orkan; Şengün, Duygu; Yüksel Özşen, Aslı 
2017Valorization of hazelnut shell waste in hot compressed waterGözaydın, Gökalp; Yüksel, Aslı 
2022Valorization of olive tree pruning waste for potential utilization in lithium recovery from aqueous solutionsNampeera, Jackline ; Recepoğlu, Yaşar Kemal ; Yüksel, Aslı 
Jul-2021The valorization of various wastewater for hydrogen production by photocatalytic oxidationOrak, Ceren