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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2015Evalation of conservation problems of Anaia Byzantine Church, Kadıkalesi, KuşadasıKanmaz, Mehmet Buğra
2014Evalatuan of conservation problems of the Lead Mosque in Scutari, AlbaniaLaçaj, Eltjona
2005Evaluation of alterations in Ottoman hans in tire for their restitutionÇulcu, Sevinç
2010Evaluation of architectural characteristics for conservation decisions of Degirmendagi, Izmir, TurkeyKaplan, Çağlayan Deniz; Mürtezaoğlu, Fulya; Akbulut, Özge; İpekoğlu, Başak 
2008Evaluation of conservation problems of Değirmendağı District in IzmirAkbulut, Özge
2005An evaluation of interventions in architectural conservation:new exterior additions to historic buildingsYüceer, Hülya 
2006Evaluation of interventions in Western Stoa of Agora in IzmirYaka, Necmiye Funda
Jun-2020Evaluation of window design and daylight performance of main room in Kula housesBattal, Cansu
2009Evalution of stone weathering of Aigai Bouleuterion after its excavationKaplan, Çağlayan Deniz
2021Execution technique and material characteristics of ceiling and wall paintings of an Ottoman period mansion in IzmirSerifaki, Kerem; Ipekoglu, Basak 
2012Image-based three-dimensional modeling of Izmir Çakaloğlu KhanPalaoğlu, Ümmühan
Jun-2013Impact of transparency in the design of protective structures for conservation of archaeological remainsYaka Çetin, Funda; İpekoğlu, Başak 
Jun-2020Investigation and evaluation of technical, administrative and legal decisions during the restoration process of Çakmur housesÇakmur, Tuncer Çağrı
2011Investigation of conservation problems of the Prophet Ellias (Elijah) Church in IzmirKorkmaz, Doğay
2004Investigation of lime mortar characteristics for the conservation of the Ottoman Baths in Seferihisar-Urla regionÇizer, Özlem
2004Investigation of the pozzolanic properties of bricks used in horasan mortars and plasters in historic buildingsBöke, Hasan ; Akkurt, Sedat ; İpekoğlu, Başak 
Jun-2019Long term stability of biodegradable polymers on building limestoneKaplan, Zişan; Böke, Hasan ; Sofuoğlu, Aysun ; İpekoğlu, Başak 
Jul-2019Long-term protection efficiency of biodegradable polymer treatments on limestoneKaplan, Zişan
2011A method for the analysis of lot- house relations in Ottoman housing patterSaf, Hayriye Oya
2017Physicochemical properties of glass tesserae in Roman Terrace House from ancient Antandros (Base glass, opacifiers and colorants)Kaplan, Zişan; İpekoğlu, Başak ; Böke, Hasan