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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004Effect of adhesive on the strengthening of aluminum foam-filled circular tubesToksoy, Ahmet Kaan; Tanoğlu, Metin ; Güden, Mustafa ; Hall, Ian W.
2007Effect of aluminum closed-cell foam filling on the quasi-static axial crush performance of glass fiber reinforced polyester composite and aluminum/composite hybrid tubesGüden, Mustafa ; Yüksel, Sinan; Taşdemirci, Alper ; Tanoğlu, Metin 
2021The effect of cell wall material strain and strain-rate hardening behaviour on the dynamic crush response of an aluminium multi-layered corrugated coreGüden, Mustafa ; Canbaz, İlker
2020The effect of core height on energy absorbing capacity in aluminum corrugated sandwich panelsKılıçaslan, Cenk; Güden, Mustafa 
Jun-2021The effect of deformation rate on the damage tolerances of nomex honeycomb cored composite sandwichesÇelik, Muhammet
1-Mar-2016Effect of heat treatment on the blast loading response of combined geometry shell core sandwich structuresTaşdemirci, Alper ; Kara, Ali; Turan, Kıvanç; Şahin, Selim; Güden, Mustafa 
Jun-2018The effect of material strain rate sensitivity on the shock deformation of an aluminum corrugated coreCanbaz, İlker
2010The effect of nitric acid surface treatment on CaP deposition of Ti6Al4V open-cell foams in SBF solutionTürkan, Uğur; Güden, Mustafa 
2003Effect of strain rate on the compression behaviour of a woven fabric S2-glass fiber reinforced vinyl ester compositeAkil, Övünç; Yıldırım, Uygar; Güden, Mustafa ; Hall, Ian W.
2004Effect of strain rate on the compression behaviour of a woven glass fiber/SC-15 compositeGüden, Mustafa ; Yıldırım, Uygar; Hall, Ian W.
2008The effect of strain rate on the compressive deformation behavior of a sintered Ti6Al4V powder compactTaşdemirci, Alper ; Hızal, Alpay; Altındiş, Mustafa; Hall, Ian W.; Güden, Mustafa 
2006Effect of strain rate on the compressive mechanical behavior of a continuous alumina fiber reinforced ZE41A magnesium alloy based compositeGüden, Mustafa ; Akil, Övünç; Taşdemirci, Alper ; Çiftçioğlu, Muhsin ; Hall, Ian W.
Jul-2018The effect of strain rate on the dynamic mechanical behaviour of concreteUysal, Çetin Erkam
2012The effect of strain rate on the mechanical behavior of Teflon foamTaşdemirci, Alper ; Turan, Ali Kıvanç; Güden, Mustafa 
2010The effect of surface treatment on CaP deposition of Ti6Al4V open cell foams in SBF solutionTürkan, Uğur; Güden, Mustafa 
2012The effect of the interlayer on the ballistic performance of ceramic/composite armors: Experimental and numerical studyTaşdemirci, Alper ; Tunusoğlu, Gözde; Güden, Mustafa 
2007Effects of compaction pressure and particle shape on the porosity and compression mechanical properties of sintered Ti6Al4V powder compacts for hard tissue implantationGüden, Mustafa ; Çelik, Emrah; Hızal, Alpay; Altındiş, Mustafa; Çetiner, Sinan
2010The effects of diatom frustule filling on the quasi-static and high strain rate mechanical behavior of polymer matricesGültürk, Elif
2012The effects of diatom shape and heat treatment on the mechanical properties of diatom-frustule-filled polymeric matrix compositesZeren, Doğuş
2010The effects of SiC particle addition on the foaming and mechanical behavior of aluminum closed-cell foams produced by foamming of powder compactsYu¨ksel, Sinan