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Jul-2017Comparison of connnexin32 expression and function between MCF10A normal breast and MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cell linesAdak, Aslı
2020Connexin 32 induces pro-tumorigenic features in MCF10A normal breast cells and MDA-MB-231 metastatic breast cancer cellsAdak, Aslı; Ünal, Yağmur Ceren ; Yücel, Simge ; Vural, Zehra; Turan, Fatma Başak; Yalçın Özuysal, Özden ; Meşe, Gülistan 
2017Investigating the role of connexin 32 in cell cycle, cell viability and epithelial to mesenchymal transition of normal breast and breast cancer cellsAdak, Aslı; Özçivici, Engin ; Meşe, Gülistan