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Nov-2022Assessing edible composite film polymer from potato industry effluent under high hydrostatic pressure and its antimicrobial propertiesAkdemir Evrendilek, Gülsün; Bulut, Nurullah; Uzuner, Sibel 
May-2023Crude pectinolytic enzymes production in fed-batch shake flask cultivationEsen, Büşra Nur
2023Enhanced reducing sugar production and extraction for chlorella vulgaris in mixotrophic cultivation using high hydrostatic pressure processing and ultrasoundUzuner, Sibel ; Kurhan, Şebnem; Akdemir Evrendilek, Gülsün
2022Enzyme technology in value addition of wine and beer processingUzuner, Sibel 
2023High-pressure processing of traditional hardaliye drink: Effect on quality and shelf-life extensionAtmaca, Bahar; Demiray, Merve; Akdemir Evrendilek, Gülsün; Bulut, Nurullah; Uzuner, Sibel 
2023Improvement of fermentable sugar extraction from hazelnut shells through microwave assisted dilute acid pretreatmentUzuner, Sibel 
Dec-2022Prediction of Aspergillus parasiticus inhibition and aflatoxin mitigation in red pepper flakes treated by pulsed electric field treatment using machine learning and neural networksAkdemir Evrendilek, Gülsün; Bulut, Nurullah; Atmaca, Bahar; Uzuner, Sibel 
2023Ultrasonication effects on quality of tea-based beveragesUzuner, Sibel 
2021Unrevealing the impact of pulsed electric fields (PEF) on cucumber seed vigour and surface disinfectionAtmaca, Bahar; Akdemir Evrendilek, Gülsün; Bulut, Nurullah; Uzuner, Sibel