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Apr-2022Carbon dioxide emissions mitigation strategy through enhanced geothermal systems: Western Anatolia, TurkeyChandrasekharam, Dornadula ; Baba, Alper 
Aug-2022Geothermal potential of granites: Case study- Kaymaz and Sivrihisar (Eskisehir region) Western AnatoliaChandrasekharam, Dornadula ; Baba, Alper ; Ayzit, Tolga; Singh, Hemant K.
Oct-2022Geothermal potential of Manuguru geothermal field of Godavari valley, IndiaSingh, Hemant K.; Chandrasekharam, Dornadula ; Minissale, A.; Raju, N. Janardhana; Baba, Alper 
2022Geothermal resources for sustainable development: A case studyBaba, Alper ; Chandrasekharam, Dornadula 
2021High heat generating granites of Kestanbol: future enhanced geothermal system (EGS) province in western AnatoliaChandrasekharam, Dornadula ; Baba, Alper 
2022Salihli Granitoid, Menderes Massif, Western Anatolia: A sustainable clean energy source for mitigating CO2 emissionsAyzit, Tolga; Chandrasekharam, Dornadula ; Baba, Alper