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2006An analytical surver on customization at modular systems in the context of industrial designTezcanlı, Eda
2000An analytical survey on the role of packaging in ındustrial designGöktepe, Yankı 
2004Applying product design methods to medical device design with a case study on home care devicesÇetin, Aslı
1999The effect of car mass on (internal and external) safety with a case study on concept family carMızıkacı, Sinan
2006The effect of engineering criteria in the application of cooling system and air-condition system used in trade vehicles on industrial design criteriaKeshavarzi, Ferhan
2006Electronic and telecommunication engineering concepts in industrial product design with a case study of cell phoneDülger, Ufuk
2005Evaluation of product sound design within the context of emotion design and emotional brandingPiker, Gürer
2004Industrial product design by using two-dimensional material in the context of origamic structure and integrityYiğit, Nergiz
2004Mobile display designAltınkaya, Nilüfer
1998Polymers as design materials for toy industryÜnver, Kemal Hakan
1999Research on ergonomics and functional aspects of health equipment with a case study including material and productionÖzkaban, Memed Umut
2005A research on footwear and foot interaction through anatomy and human engineeringHafızoğlu Özkan, Özgü
2006The role of industrial design in passenger boat building: Concept design of a ferry for marine urban transportation in Izmir Bay as a caseBaykal, Halis Haluk
2002A study on adaptable kitchen design in the context of standardization and individualismTalu, Nilüfer 
2001A study on street furniture design criteria for bus stopsKaya, Erol
2002Sustainability and environmental issues in industrial product designDeniz, Deniz
2006User-centered design criteria in automobile design with a case study of automobile dashboard designArslan, Fatih