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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20063D reconstruction using a spherical spiral scan cameraVatansever, Mustafa
2006An automatic vision guided position controller in a conveyor belt pick and place systemÇelikdemir, Özgür
2005A basic web-based distance education modelTuranlı, Dehan
Dec-2012A common representation, standardization, analysis for de novo sequencing resultsTakan, Savaş 
1999Craniofacial computer assisted surgical planning and simulationEkin, Emine
2005The design and development of a data warehouse using sales database and requirements of a retail groupGüratan, Işıl
Oct-2001Determination of dose profile data with film dosimetryGökçe, Tuncay C.; Aytaç, Sıtkı ; Gökçe, Tumay
2007A dominating set based communication architecture for distributed applications in mobile Ad hoc networksÇokuslu, Deniz 
2001An education environment for web based trainingKılınç, Hacı Hakan
2001Empirical computation of absorbed radiation in medium like human body and graphical representation of dose distributionGökçe, Tuncay Cemil
2009Intrusion detection system alert correlation with operating system level logsToprak, Mustafa
2010Modeling and verification of a stream authentication protocol using communicating sequential processesÖzkan, Süleyman Murat
2012Moresysgoal: Movie recommendation system using technique supplemented by content with goal programmingİnan, Emrah 
1999A new embedded controller for data acquisition and control applicationsAyav, Tolga ; Aytaç, İsmail Sıtkı 
2014Ontology based qualitative information collectionKaysı, Ezgi
1999An operating system for data acquisition and control applicationsAyav, Tolga 
2004A portable real-time operating system for embedded platformsOkyay, Mehmet Onur
1997Reconstruction of X-ray imagesAka, Hüseyin Cüneyt
2008Time synchronization in wireless sensor metworksKulaklı, Ali Burak
1997Trajectory prediction of moving objects by means of neural networksBarışık, Hakan