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Mar-2018A boundary integral equation for the transmission eigenvalue problem for Maxwell equationCakoni, Fioralba; Ivanyshyn Yaman, Olha ; Kress, Rainer; Le Louër, Frédérique
Nov-2018Boundary integral equations for the exterior Robin problem in two dimensionsIvanyshyn Yaman, Olha ; Özdemir, Gazi
Jul-2016Boundary value problems for the laplace equation using integral equation approachÖzdemir, Gazi
Nov-2022Direct and interior inverse generalized impedance problems for the modified Helmholtz equationÖzdemir, Gazi
Jun-2023Fredholm integral equations of first kindOruklu, Yıldız
Oct-2022Initial stages of a three dimensional dam break flowFetahu, Elona; Ivanyshyn Yaman, Olha ; Yılmaz, Oğuz 
2021An inverse parameter problem with generalized impedance boundary condition for two-dimensional linear viscoelasticityIvanyshyn Yaman, Olha ; Le Louer, Frederique 
2019İnhomojen geçirgen kaplamalı akustik cismin uzak alan örüntüsünden belirlenmesiYaman, Olha Ivanyshyn 
5-Jul-2016Material derivatives of boundary integral operators in electromagnetism and application to inverse scattering problemsIvanyshyn Yaman, Olha ; Louër, Frederique Le
Dec-2017Nonlinear integral equations for Bernoulli's free boundary value problem in three dimensionsIvanyshyn Yaman, Olha ; Kress, Rainer
2021Numerical solution of a generalized boundary value problem for the modified Helmholtz equation in two dimensionsIvanyshyn Yaman, Olha ; Özdemir, Gazi
2016On the non-linear integral equation approaches for the boundary reconstruction in double-connected planar domainsChapko, R. S.; Yaman, Olha Ivanyshyn ; Kanafotskyi, T. S.
2019On the non-linear integral equation method for the reconstruction of an inclusion in the elastic bodyChapko, R. S.; Yaman, Olha Ivanyshyn ; Vavrychuk, V. G.
2019Reconstruction of generalized impedance functions for 3D acoustic scatteringIvanyshyn Yaman, Olha