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Dec-2018A case study on settlement analysis of geothermal power plant foundationElmas, Hakan
Dec-2020A case study: Site-specific seismic response analysis for base-isolated building in DüzceEren, Volkan Gökçe 
Jul-2014Discrete element modelling of CPT using shaking table tests in sandsBakunowicz, Paulina
Apr-2021Effect of fines content on CPT resistance in silty sandsArık, Mustafa Sezer 
2018Effect of soil-type and fines content on liquefaction resistance—shear-wave velocity correlationEcemiş, Nurhan 
2013Effects of consolidation characteristics on CPT cone resistance and liquefaction resistance in silty soilsKaraman, Mustafa
2021Experimental and numerical modeling on the liquefaction potential and ground settlement of silt-interlayered stratified sandsEcemis, Nurhan 
Jul-2018Feasible packing of granular materials in discrete-element modelling of cone-penetration testingEcemiş, Nurhan ; Bakunowicz, Paulina
1-Jun-2015Influence of consolidation properties on the cyclic re-liquefaction potential of sandsEcemiş, Nurhan ; Demirci, Hasan Emre; Karaman, Mustafa
Oct-2014Influence of non-/low plastic fines on cone penetration and liquefaction resistanceEcemiş, Nurhan ; Karaman, Mustafa
Sep-2009Laminar box system for 1-g physical modeling of liquefaction and lateral spreadingThevanayagam, S.; Kanagalingam, T.; Reinhorn, A.; Tharmendhira, R.; Dobry, R.; Abdoun, T.; Elgamal, A.; Zeghal, M.; Ecemiş, Nurhan ; El Shamy, U.
Jul-2019Numerical modeling of jet grouting cells to reduce liquefactionGürbüz, Çağdaş
2021Sand-granulated rubber mixture to prevent liquefaction-induced uplift of buried pipes: a shaking table studyEcemis, Nurhan ; Valizadeh, Hadi; Karaman, Mustafa
2013Seismic liquefaction: 1-G model testing system and shake table testsKahraman, İrem
Nov-2013Simulation of seismic liquefaction: 1-g model testing system and shaking table testsEcemiş, Nurhan 
Jan-2016Time-dependent physicochemical characteristics of Malaysian residual soil stabilized with magnesium chloride solutionLatifi, Nima; Rashid, Ahmad Safuan A.; Ecemiş, Nurhan ; Tahir, Mahmood Md; Marto, Aminaton
2014The use of neural networks for CPT-based liquefaction screeningErzin, Yusuf; Ecemiş, Nurhan 
Dec-2017The use of neural networks for the prediction of cone penetration resistance of silty sandsErzin, Yusuf; Ecemiş, Nurhan 
2015Validation of porosity in 2D-DEM CPT model using large scale shaking table tests in saturated sandsBakunowicz, Paulina; Ecemiş, Nurhan