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Jul-2016Aerodynamic optimization of a transonic aero-engine fan moduleKor, Orçun
May-2018Aerodynamic optimization of through-flow design model of a high by-pass transonic aero-engine fan using genetic algorithmKor, Orçun; Acarer, Sercan; Özkol, Ünver 
Jul-2019Airfoil boundary-layer stability calculations and transition predictionPekdüz, Umut
2014Analytical and numerical sensitivity analysis of constant temperature hot-wire anemometreUz, Yusuf Can
2017Computational determination of volume averaged transport properties of heat and fluid flow in porous media by using microtomography imagesÇelik, Hasan; Mobedi, Moghtada ; Nakayama, Akira; Özkol, Ünver 
2013Decision making on turbine types and capacities for run-of-river hydroelectric power plants a case study on Eglence-1 HEPPTemiz, Aktan
Jul-2019Design and numerical analyses of guide vanes of a multistage submersible pumpDemirtaş, Mert
Dec-2020Design of centrifugal blood pumpSarızeybek, Ceren 
Jun-2014Determination of kozeny constant based on porosity and pore to throat size ratio in porous medium with rectangular rodsÖzgümüş, Türküler; Mobedi, Moghtada ; Özkol, Ünver 
2011Development of a 3-D laminar Navier-Stokes solver for separated channel flowsCeyhan, Umut
2015Development of a new universal inverse through-flow program and method for fully coupled split-flow turbomachinery systemsAcarer, Sercan; Özkol, Ünver 
Jul-2015Development of a streamline curvature throughflow design method for fan module of turbofan enginesAcarer, Sercan
Jan-2014Effect of urban geometry on pedestrian-level wind velocityArkon, Çelen Ayşe; Özkol, Ünver 
2010Energy performance analysis of Adnan Menderes International Airport (ADM)Ceyhan Zeren, Fatma Tuba
2010Enhancement of jet shear layer mixing and surface heat transfer by means of acoustic disturbancesKor, Orçun
2013Evaluation of the performance of a household refrigerator using a variable speed compressor with 1D simulationsKanargı, Ömer Buğra
2009Experimental and numerical analysis of heat transfer performance of off-set strip finsDurmaz, Gürcan
Jan-2015An experimental and numerical study on effects of pore to throat size ratio on macroscopic transport parameters in porous mediaÖzgümüş, Türküler
Jul-2017An experimental and numerical study on interfacial convective heat transfer coefficient and thermal dispersion conductivity of a periodic porous medium under mixed convection heat transferÇelik, Hasan
2009Experimental investigation of heat and fluid flow in an actuated impinging jet flowBilgin, Necati