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Mar-19981/Nc expansion and anomaly cancellation in the presence of electroweak interactionsErdem, Recai 
2019Black holes, gravitational waves and fundamental physics: a roadmapBarack, Leor; Cardoso, Vitor; Nissanke, Samaya; Sotiriou, Thomas P.; Askar, Abbas; Belczynski, Chris; Erdem, Recai 
Jul-2023Bose-Einstein condensation and black holes in dark matter and dark energyGültekin, Kemal 
2001Can CPT be violated through extended time reversal?Erdem, Recai ; Ufuktepe, Ünal 
Jul-2022Correction to: “Curved space and particle physics effects on the formation of Bose–Einstein condensation around a Reissner–Nordstrøm black hole”Erdem, Recai ; Demirkaya, Betül ; Gültekin, Kemal 
2021Curved space and particle physics effects on the formation of Bose-Einstein condensation around a Reissner-Nordstrom black holeErdem, Recai ; Demirkaya, Betül ; Gültekin, Kemal 
2011Dark energy mechanisms in the context of extra dimensional modelsYağmurcukardeş, Mehmet 
Dec-2010Extra dimensional metric reversal symmetry and its prospect for cosmological constant and zero-point energy problems, automatic pauli-villars-like regularization, and an interesting kaluza-klein spectrumErdem, Recai 
2006Extra time-like dimensionsÜn, Cem Salih
Nov-2002Fermion families and chirality through extra dimensionsErdem, Recai 
Mar-2010Finite number of Kaluza-Klein modes, all with zero massesErdem, Recai 
Feb-1998Higgs field as the gauge field corresponding to parity in the usual space-timeErdem, Recai 
Mar-2017Is it possible to obtain cosmic accelerated expansion through energy transfer between different energy densities?Erdem, Recai 
2016It is sufficient to set the cosmological constant to zero or to a small number at an initial timeErdem, Recai 
2019A mechanism for formation of Bose-Einstein condensation in cosmologyErdem, Recai ; Gültekin, Kemal 
2023A metric for gravitational collapse around a Schwarzschild black holeErdem, Recai ; Demirkaya, Betül ; Gültekin, Kemal 
2010Oryantasyon değiştiren ek-boyutlu uzayların boşluk enerji yoğunluğu ve Kaluza-Klein modları üzerindeki etkileriErdem, Recai 
2021Particle physics processes in cosmology through an effective Minkowski space formulation and the limitations of the methodErdem, Recai ; Gültekin, Kemal 
Sep-2006Reconsidering extra time-like dimensionsErdem, Recai ; Ün, Cem Salih
23-Sep-2014Single scale factor for the universe from the creation of radiation and matter till the presentErdem, Recai