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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2019Distance estimation in tabletop molecular communicationUzun, Emrehan
2020Distance estimation methods for a practical macroscale molecular communication systemGüleç, Fatih ; Atakan, Barış 
2021A Droplet-based signal reconstruction approach to channel modeling in molecular communicationGüleç, Fatih ; Atakan, Barış 
Dec-2021Effects of channel errors on coded speech communication in software defined radioKagudde, Abbas
2020Effects of framing errors on the performance of molecular communications with memoryAtakan, Barış ; Galmes, Sebastia
Apr-2017Event distortion based clustering algorithm for energy harvesting wireless sensor networksAl-Qamaji, Ali Mudheher Raghib Kafi
Nov-2021Event distortion-based clustering algorithm for energy harvesting wireless sensor networksAl-Qamaji, Ali; Atakan, Barış 
2021Fluid dynamics-based distance estimation algorithm for macroscale molecular communicationGüleç, Fatih ; Atakan, Barış 
May-2022Guest editorial for signal processing aspects of molecular communicationsAtakan, Barış ; Galmés, Sebastià; Haselmayr, Werner; Farsad, Nariman; Nakano, Tadashi
2020Localization of a passive molecular transmitter with a sensor networkGüleç, Fatih ; Atakan, Barış 
Jun-2022Mobile human ad hoc networks: A communication engineering viewpoint on interhuman airborne pathogen transmissionGüleç, Fatih ; Atakan, Barış ; Dressler, Falko
Jul-2021Modeling and analysis of molecular signals in multiscale molecular communicationGüleç, Fatih 
2021A molecular communication perspective on airborne pathogen transmission and reception via droplets generated by coughing and sneezingGüleç, Fatih ; Atakan, Barış 
2014Molecular communications and nanonetworks: From nature to practical systemsAtakan, Barış 
2017Moleküler Haberleşmede Moleküler Bilginin Tespiti Ve TahminiAtakan, Barış 
Nov-2017Multi-copy routing for Delay Tolerant Networks in IZTECHDusenge, Babrah
Jan-2014On exploiting sampling Jitter in vehicular sensor networksAtakan, Barış 
2017On exploiting spatial correlation for energy harvesting wireless sensor networksAl-Qamaji, Ali; Atakan, Barış 
2013Optimal transmission probability in binary molecular communicationAtakan, Barış 
Sep-2016Performance analysis of diffusion-based molecular communications with memoryGalmes, Sebastia; Atakan, Barış