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Apr-2022Efficient privacy-preserving whole-genome variant queriesAkgün, Mete ; Pfeifer, Nico; Kohlbacher, Oliver
Apr-2022P/key: PUF based second factor authenticationUysal, Ertan 
Feb-2023P/Key: PUF based second factor authenticationUysal, Ertan ; Akgün, Mete 
Jul-2023Privacy-preserving rare disease analysis with fully homomorphic encryptionAkkaya, Güliz
2023A privacy-preserving scheme for smart grid using trusted execution environmentAkgün, Mete ; Üstündağ Soykan, Elif; Soykan, Gürkan
2023Scalable RFID authentication protocol based on physically unclonable functionsKurt, Işıl; Alagöz, Fatih; Akgün, Mete