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dc.contributor.authorYagmurcukardes, M.
dc.contributor.authorBacaksiz, C.
dc.contributor.authorUnsal, E.
dc.contributor.authorAkbali, B.
dc.contributor.authorSenger, R. T.
dc.contributor.authorSahin, H.
dc.descriptionSahin, Hasan/0000-0002-6189-6707; Senger, R. Tugrul/0000-0003-0800-1924; Sahin, Hasan/0000-0002-6189-6707; unsal, elif/0000-0001-6419-384Xen_US
dc.descriptionWOS: 000427799300006en_US
dc.description.abstractBy performing density functional theory-based ab initio calculations, Raman-active phonon modes of single-layer two-dimensional (2D) materials and the effect of in-plane biaxial strain on the peak frequencies and corresponding activities of the Raman-active modes are calculated. Our findings confirm the Raman spectrum of the unstrained 2D crystals and provide expected variations in the Raman-active modes of the crystals under in-plane biaxial strain. The results are summarized as follows: (i) frequencies of the phonon modes soften (harden) under applied tensile (compressive) strains; (ii) the response of the Raman activities to applied strain for the in-plane and out-of-plane vibrational modes have opposite trends, thus, the built-in strains in the materials can be monitored by tracking the relative activities of those modes; (iii) in particular, the A peak in single-layer Si and Ge disappears under a critical tensile strain; (iv) especially in mono-and diatomic single layers, the shift of the peak frequencies is a stronger indication of the strain rather than the change in Raman activities; (v) Raman-active modes of single-layer ReX2 (X = S, Se) are almost irresponsive to the applied strain. Strain-induced modifications in the Raman spectrum of 2D materials in terms of the peak positions and the relative Raman activities of the modes could be a convenient tool for characterization.en_US
dc.publisherAmer Physical Socen_US
dc.titleStrain mapping in single-layer two-dimensional crystals via Raman activityen_US
dc.relation.journalPhysical Review Ben_US
dc.contributor.departmentIzmir Institute of Technologyen_US
dc.relation.publicationcategoryMakale - Uluslararası Hakemli Dergi - Kurum Öğretim Elemanıen_US
dc.cont.department-temp[Yagmurcukardes, M.; Bacaksiz, C.] Univ Antwerp, Dept Phys, Groenenborgerlaan 171, B-2020 Antwerp, Belgium; [Unsal, E.; Akbali, B.; Senger, R. T.] Izmir Inst Technol, Dept Phys, TR-35430 Izmir, Turkey; [Senger, R. T.; Sahin, H.] Izmir Inst Technol, ICTP ECAR Eurasian Ctr Adv Res, TR-35430 Izmir, Turkey; [Sahin, H.] Izmir Inst Technol, Dept Photon, TR-35430 Izmir, Turkeyen_US

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