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    • Strongly noncosingular modules 

      Alagöz, Yusuf (Izmir Institute of Technology, 2014)
      The main purpose of this thesis is to investigate the notion of strongly noncosingular modules. We call a right R-module M strongly noncosingular if for every nonzero right R module N and every nonzero homomorphismf : M ...
    • Strongly noncosingular modules 

      Alagöz, Yusuf; Durğun, Yılmaz (Iranian Mathematical Society, 2016-08)
      An R-module M is called strongly noncosingular if it has no nonzero Rad-small (cosingular) homomorphic image in the sense of Harada. It is proven that (1) an R-module M is strongly noncosingular if and only if M is coatomic ...