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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2010Q-analog of shock soliton solutionNalcı, Şengül; Pashaev, Oktay 
Jan-2014Q-analytic functions, fractals and generalized analytic functionsPashaev, Oktay ; Nalcı, Şengül
Oct-2003q-deformed and c-Deformed Harmonic OscillatorsSogami, Ikuo S.; Koizumi, Kouzou; Mir-Kasimov, Rufat M. 
Sep-2012Q-Shock soliton evolutionPashaev, Oktay ; Nalcı, Şengül
1-Feb-2016Qualitative properties of solutions for nonlinear Schrödinger equations with nonlinear boundary conditions on the half-lineKalantarov, Varga K.; Özsarı, Türker 
Sep-2020A quantitative Balian-Low theorem for higher dimensionsTemur, Faruk 
Oct-2016Quantum calculus of classical vortex images, integrable models and quantum statesPashaev, Oktay 
2021Quantum calculus of Fibonacci divisors and infinite hierarchy of Bosonic-Fermionic Golden quantum oscillatorsPashaev, Oktay 
2021Quantum coin flipping, qubit measurement, and generalized Fibonacci numbersPashaev, Oktay 
2021Quantum invariants of knotoidsGüğümcü, Neslihan ; Kauffman, Louis H.
2013Quantum key distribution in the classical authenticated key exchange frameworkMosca, Michele; Stebila, Douglas; Ustaoğlu, Berkant 
2010Rad-supplemented modulesBüyükaşık, Engin ; Mermut, Engin; Özdemir, Salahattin
2016Rad-supplements in injective modulesBüyükaşık, Engin ; Tribak, Rachid
2012Rational and multi-wave solutions to nonlinear evolution equations by means of the Exp-function methodAslan, İsmail 
2013Rational and multi-wave solutions to some nonlinear physical modelsAslan, İsmail 
Jan-2016Reconstruction and identification of ? lepton decays to hadrons and ?? at CMSCMS Collaboration; Karapınar, Güler 
2019Reconstruction of generalized impedance functions for 3D acoustic scatteringIvanyshyn Yaman, Olha 
2016Recursion formula for the Green's function of a Hamiltonian for several types of Dirac delta-function potentials in curved spacesErman, Fatih 
2018Reidemeister torsion and orientable punctured surfacesDirican, Esma; Sözen, Yaşar
Apr-2002Relation between relativistic and non-relativistic quantum mechanics as integral transformationMir-Kasimov, Rufat M.