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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Damped parametric oscillator and exactly solvable complex Burgers equationsAtılgan Büyükaşık, Şirin ; Pashaev, Oktay 
May-2014Dayside episodic ion outflow from Martian magnetic cusps and/or magnetosheath boundary motion associated with plasma oscillationsDuru, Firdevs; Gurnett, D. A.; Morgan, D. D.; Lundin, R.; Duru, İsmail Hakkı; Winningham, J. D.; Frahm, R. A.
Nov-2016Decomposing transverse momentum balance contributions for quenched jets in PbPb collisions at ?sNN=2.76 TeVCMS Collaboration; Karapınar, Güler 
Jul-2005Degenerate four-virtual-soliton resonance for the KP-IIPashaev, Oktay ; Francisco, Meltem L. Y.
2003Derivative and integration on time scale with MathematicaYantır, Ahmet
2014Determination of the top-quark pole mass and strong coupling constant from the tt¯ production cross section in pp collisions at s=7 TeVCMS Collaboration; Karapınar, Güler 
Feb-2015Differential cross section measurements for the production of a W boson in association with jets in proton-proton collisions at sqrt(s)= 7 TeVCMS Collaboration; Karapınar, Güler 
2020Diffraction of flexural-gravity waves by a vertical cylinder of non-circular cross sectionDişibüyük, Nazile Buğurcan ; Korobkin, A. A. ; Yılmaz, Oğuz 
Jan-2012The discrete (G'/G)-expansion method applied to the differential-difference Burgers equation and the relativistic Toda lattice systemAslan, İsmail 
Dec-2009Discrete exact solutions to some nonlinear differential-difference equations via the (G'/G)-expansion methodAslan, İsmail 
Aug-2010A discrete generalization of the extended simplest equation methodAslan, İsmail 
Mar-2007Dissipative hierarchies and resonance solitons for KP-II and MKP-IIFrancisco, Meltem L. Y.; Lee, Jyh Hao; Pashaev, Oktay 
2006E-calculus at IZTECHUfuktepe, Ünal; Ufuktepe, Günnur; Deniz, Aslı; Dündar, Veli
1-Oct-2016The effect of coupling conditions on the stability of bimodal systems in R3Eldem, Vasfi; Şahan, Gökhan
2017An efficient iterative algorithm for solving non-linear oscillation problemsKorkut Uysal, Sıla Övgü; Tanoğlu, Gamze 
2009Efficient key exchange with tight security reductionWu, Jiang; Ustaoğlu, Berkant 
Aug-2018Elliptic flow of charm and strange hadrons in high-multiplicity p + Pb collisions at ? s NN = 8.16 TeVCMS Collaboration; Karapınar, Güler 
2013Enabling cooperation, resource allocation and receiver selection across cells: Complementary fractional frequency reuseBakşi, Saygın; Kaya, Onur; Bıyıkoğlu, Türker
Sep-2013Energy calibration and resolution of the CMS electromagnetic calorimeter in pp collisions at ?s = 7 TeVCMS Collaboration; Karapınar, Güler 
Jun-2012Energy localization in maximally entangled two- and three-qubit phase spacePashaev, Oktay ; Gürkan, Zeynep Nilhan