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20201,2-Diborolanes with strong donor substituents: Synthesis and high antimicrobial activityŞahin, Yüksel; Poyrazoğlu Çoban, Esin; Sevinçek, Resul; Bıyık, Halil H.; Özgener, Hüseyin; Aygün, Muhittin
20141.55 Å-resolution structure of ent-copalyl diphosphate synthase and exploration of general acid function by site-directed mutagenesisKöksal, Mustafa; Christianson, David W.; Peters, Reuben John; Potter, Kevin
20031/f noise in amorphous silicon and silicon-germanium alloysJohanson, Robert E.; Güneş, Mehmet; Kasap, Safa O.
May-20001/f Noise in doped and undoped amorphous siliconJohanson, Robert E.; Güneş, Mehmet; Kasap, Safa O.
Aug-20031/f noise in hydrogenated amorphous silicon-germanium alloysJohanson, Robert E.; Güneş, Mehmet; Kasap, Safa O.
19991/f-noise study of undoped intrinsic hydrogenated amorphous silicon thin filmsGüneş, Mehmet; Johanson, Robert E.; Kasap, Safa O.
Mar-19981/Nc expansion and anomaly cancellation in the presence of electroweak interactionsErdem, Recai 
2009The 1st workshop on model-based verification & validation: Directed acyclic graph modeling of security policies for firewall testingTuğlular, Tuğkan ; Kaya, Özgür; Müftüoğlu, Can Arda; Belli, Fevzi
Oct-20082-D analysis of Ge implanted SiO2 surfaces by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopyYalçın, Şerife ; Örer, Sabiha; Turan, Raşit
20132-D thresholding of the connectivity map following the multiple sequence alignments of diverse datasetsDoğan, Tunca; Karaçalı, Bilge 
Mar-20172D vibrational properties of epitaxial silicene on Ag(111)Solonenko, Dmytro; Gordan, Ovidiu D.; Le Lay, Guy; Şahin, Hasan ; Cahangirov, Seymur; Zahn, Dietrich R. T.; Vogt, Patrick
20202’-methylklavuzon causes lipid-lowering effects on A549 non-small cell lung cancer cells and significant changes on DNA structure evidenced by fourier transform infrared spectroscopyCeylan, Çağatay ; Aksoy, H.N.|Çağır, Ali; Çetinkaya, H.
20043-D switching fabric node designDinleyici, Mehmet Salih ; Akın, Osman
Sep-20135-Fluorouracil signaling through a calcium-calmodulin-dependent pathway is required for p53 activation and apoptosis in colon carcinoma cellsCan, G.; Akpınar, B.; Baran, Yusuf ; Zhivotovsky, B.; Olsson, M.
Jan-20096-Bicycloaryl substituted (S)- and (R)-5,6-dihydro-2H-pyran-2-ones: Asymmetric synthesis, and anti-proliferative propertiesKasaplar, Pınar; Yılmazer, Özgür; Çağır, Ali 
2003A1-L10 phase boundaries and anisotropy via multiple-order-parameter theory for an fcc alloyTanoğlu, Gamze ; Braun, Richard J.; Cahn, John W.; McFadden, Geoffrey B.
8-Apr-2005AAS, XRPD, SEM/EDS, and FTIR characterization of Zn2+ retention by calcite, calcite–kaolinite, and calcite–clinoptilolite mineralsShahwan, Talal; Zünbül, Banu; Tunusoğlu, Özge; Eroğlu, Ahmet Emin 
Aug-2018Ab initio and semiempirical modeling of excitons and trions in monolayer TiS3Torun, Engin; Şahin, Hasan ; Chaves, A.; Wirtz, Ludger; Peeters, François M.
Jul-2007Abelian Chern-Simons vortices and holomorphic Burgers hierarchyPashaev, Oktay ; Gürkan, Zeynep Nilhan
Jul-2010The Ablowitz-Ladik lattice system by means of the extended (G' / G)-expansion methodAslan, İsmail