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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Sustainability and environmental issues in industrial product designDeniz, Deniz
Jul-2019Synthesis and characterization of boron composite nanoparticles for wear and friction reductionGökmen, Esin
Jul-2017Effects of grid design on lead-acid battery performanceİşler, Tuğçe
2009Sustainability measurement in urban planning practice: Evaluating the environment plans of the cities in Aegean RegionAtay, İlgi
2012Thrust control design for unmanned marine vehiclesAlkan, Buğra
Jul-2017Cell selection algorithms for conventional narrow band wireless systemsYılmaz, Saadet Simay
Jun-2017Elucidation of boron tolerance mechanisms in Puccinellia distans (Jacp.) Parl. using a transcriptomic approachÖztürk, Saniye Elvan
2005The usage of stochastic and multicriteria decision-aid methods evaluating geothermal energy exploitation projectsDur, Fatih
1999Use of public lands for mass housing projects in the privatization process-Izmir caseYörür, Neriman
Jul-2017Molecular beam epitaxy growth and characterization of CdTe heterostructures on GaAs-effect of interface, growth, and annealing conditions to crystal qualityArı, Ozan
Jul-2019Production and characterization of porous ceramics for aircraft arresting systemsÇapraz, Furkan
2004Vertex coloring of a graphBacak, Gökşen
May-2017Proteomic studies and its application to biological samples using mass spectrometryGüray, Melda Zeynep
Jun-2017Computational establishment of microRNA metabolic networksSaçar Demirci, Müşerref Duygu
Jul-2017Development of a novel hybrid process for the conversion of cellulose into high-value chemicals by applying voltage in hot compressed waterAkın, Okan
Jun-2019Growth and characterization of ZnSnO thin films on polymers for OLEDsEkmekçioğlu, Merve
2006The role of industrial design in passenger boat building: Concept design of a ferry for marine urban transportation in Izmir Bay as a caseBaykal, Halis Haluk
Jul-2019Preparation of some semi-synthetic saponin analogs and investigation of their mechanism of action on necrotic cell deathÜner, Göklem
Jul-2017Modelling of pore formation in porous materialsÜlker, Sevkan
Jul-2019Development of endosome disruptive peptide and PEG conjugate based doxorubicin delivery systemÖzkıyıcı, Selin