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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999Cation exchange in zeolites structure modification by using a microwaveAkdeniz, Yelda
1999The effect of car mass on (internal and external) safety with a case study on concept family carMızıkacı, Sinan
1999Preparation and characterization of polymer-zeolite composite membranesEbil, Özgenç 
1999Web based user accounting system for internet service providersBalcı, Murat
1999Zeolite based composites in energy storageNegiş, Fikri
1999Cyberspace, as a generator concept for the futureKan, Gözde
1999Urban design for disabled peopleGökçen, Tankut
1999Architectural periodicals as a reflective medium of the agenda: A study on Turkish architectural media during the republican periodÖzdel, İlker
1999A genetic algorithmic approach to the differential and linear cryptanalysisEminağaoğlu, Mete
1999Research on ergonomics and functional aspects of health equipment with a case study including material and productionÖzkaban, Memed Umut
1999Importance of play areas in child development and design guidelines for play areasKiper, Nilgün
1999Architectural reflections of the political thresholds during interwar years (1914-1945)Emir, Özgür Deniz
1999Preparation and characterization of sterically and electrostatically stabilized TiO2 suspensionsUluçay, Ayhan
1999Preparation and determination of rheological behavioour of fine strontium titanate powder suspensionsÜnal, Uğur
1999Preparation and characterization of whisker and particulate SiC-AI2 O3 ceramic compositesÜnver, Özlem Ebru
1999The preparation characterization and sintering of nanocrystalline ceramicsÇağlar, Özlem
1999Impacts of partical plans on urban growth,case study: Güzelbahçe-Seferihisar axisBuğu, Soner
1999An approch to the security problems in the TCP/IP protocol suite for a network security monitor designMutaf, Pars
1999Craniofacial computer assisted surgical planning and simulationEkin, Emine
1999The desing of information elements in urban areas; a case study at İzmir, KemeraltıGeçer, Feral