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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Jun-2016Alienated and politicized? Young planners’ confrontation with entrepreneurial and authoritarian state intervention in urban development in TurkeyPenpecioglu, Mehmet; Taşan Kok, Tuna
Jan-2015An analysis of vehicular traffic flow using langevin equationKoşun, Çağlar; Çelik, Hüseyin Murat; Özdemir, Serhan 
Jan-2013Business cycle dynamics across the US statesMagrini, Stefano; Gerolimetto, Margherita; Duran, Hasan Engin 
May-2019Can tube tunnel crossings relieve urban congestion problems? Izmir tube tunnel project proposal under scrutinyDuvarcı, Yavuz ; Yiğitcanlar, Tan
Jan-2017Compositing climate change vulnerability of a Mediterranean region using spatiotemporally dynamic proxies for ecological and socioeconomic impacts and stabilitiesDemirkesen, Ali Can ; Evrendilek, Fatih
Dec-2016Conflicts over locally unwanted land uses (LULUs): Reasons and solutions for case studies in Izmir (Turkey)Atay Kaya, İlgi; Kaya Erol, Nursen 
Nov-2013Convergence of regional economic cycles in TurkeyDuran, Hasan Engin 
Mar-2017Determinants of co-movement and of lead and lag behavior of business cycles in the EurozoneDuran, Hasan Engin ; Ferreira-Lopes, Alexandra
Mar-2011Determination of optimum environmental conservation: Using multi-criteria decision-making techniquesÇelik, Hüseyin Murat; Türk, Ersin
Apr-2017Determining the complexity of multi-component conformal systems: A platoon-based approachKoşun, Çağlar; Özdemir, Serhan 
2015Dynamics of business cycle synchronization in TurkeyDuran, Hasan Engin 
Jan-2011Dynamics of value chain governance: Increasing supplier competence and changing power relations in the periphery of automotive production—evidence from Bursa, TurkeyÖzatağan, Güldem
Apr-2013Elected neighbourhood officers in a Turkish city (Izmir): Gendered local participation in governanceŞenol, Fatma 
1-May-2016Energy efficient building block design: An exergy perspectiveMert, Yelda; Saygın, Nicel 
May-2017An entropy-based analysis of lane changing behavior: An interactive approachKoşun, Çağlar; Özdemir, Serhan 
Oct-2010An evaluation methodology for the tangible and intangible assets of city-regions: The 6K1C frameworkVelibeyoğlu, Koray ; Yiğitcanlar, Tan
2016Exchange rate movements and its local effects: Turkey caseDuran, Hasan Engin 
2015Exergy analysis of mass housing areas: Mavişehir I and II, IzmirMert, Yelda; Saygın, Nicel 
1-Mar-2016Flood hazard vulnerability for settlements of Turkey’s province of Edirne, using ASTER DEM data and Landsat-7 ETM+ image dataDemirkesen, Ali Can 
Mar-2015Fringe belts in the process of urban planning and design: Comparative analyses of Istanbul and BarcelonaHazar, Dalya; Kubat, Ayşe Sema