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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Nano calcite (CaCO3) production in semi-batch bubble reactorÜlkeryıldız, Eda
Jul-2018Nanotribological properties of graphene grown on silicon carbide semiconductorKeskin, Yasemin
Dec-2019Naphthoquinones from natural sources and their bioactivitiesKul, Demet
22-Dec-2018Natural groundwater recharge in the Alaşehir sub-basin (Gediz basin, Turkey)Tonkul, Serhat
Oct-2019Natural ventilation design for historic libraries with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulationGülhan, Özcan
Oct-2019Nature's neoliberalisation and re-regulation processes: The case of HEPPs in Tunceli, TurkeyGümüş Kurt, Miray
Dec-2019Nearshore wave prediction modeling for the southern-west coasts of the Black Sea and comparison with the wave measurement dataGüler, Muzaffer
1999A new method in the process of creating urban form: urban codingGoncagül, Ertunç
Jul-2019A new physical therapy product design that integrates with water (Aquatic therapy) in order to meet needs for patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)Gündoğan, Canan
Jul-2015News story analysis with credibility assessment by opinion miningSezerer, Erhan
2000Noise analysis in urban areas and alternative solutionsBaydere, Seda
May-2018Noise and vibration analysis of a drum brake used in heavy commericial trucksAkdağ, Osman
2007Non-integer order derivativesGökçen, Murat
Dec-2018Nonlinear controller design for high speed dynamic atomic force microscope systemCoşar, Alper
2008Nonlinear euler poisson Darboux equations exactly solvable in multidimensionsAteş, Barış
2010Nonlinear finite element analysis of reinforced concrete structures subjected to impact loadsCağaloğlu, Neriman Çare
Jun-2019A novel approach for fabrication of free-standing conductive network: PEDOT: PSS based bendable chemo and photoresistorMutlu, Mustafa Umut
2004A novel drug carrier system using clinoptilolite for ginkgo biloba leaf extractGöktaş, Selda
2002A novel method of routing in all-optical packet switched networksMocan, Bora
2014Novel microstrip antennas for multiband wideband applicationsBozdağ, Göksenin