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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Magnetic characterization of expanded austenite phase formed on nitrogen ion implanted 316 stainless steel alloyKarataş, Özgün
2007The main principles of retrospective approach in automotive designKaplan, Berkan
2009Managing the risk of contractor failureYağmuroğlu, Zeynep
Jul-2020Manufacturing and characterization of perovskite thin films using novel methodsBıyıklı, Ozan
2006'Manufacturing design for productivity' :optimization of assembly line for air conditioning control panelsÇuğ, Özlem
Dec-2019Manufacturing of fire resistant porous Ca-silicate ceramicsOğur, Ezgi
2013Mapping of the electronic structure of metalloproteins onto multi-orbital anderson model using the density functional theoryKandemir, Zafer
Dec-2018Mass spectrometry-based comparative proteomic analysis of drug resistant and nonresistant strains of parasite Trichomonas vaginalisÖzyağcı, Begüm
Dec-2018Mass spectrometry-based proteome analysis of Leishmania major parasite in two clinical isolates which exhibit different impact on virulenceGüvenç, Nazlı
Oct-2016Matching of social media accounts by using public informationÇetinkal, Yağız
2013Material characteristics and deterioration problems of roman mosaics in Antandros ancient cityKarayazılı, Zişan
2005A mathematical model of the human thermal systemYıldırım, Eda Didem
2004A mathematical modeling approach to energy cost saving in manufacturing plantUzel, Esra
2001A mathematical modelling for manpower planningUludağ, Mehmet
2007Measure theory on times scalesDeniz, Aslı
2011Measurement and comparison of solar radiation estimation models for Izmir/Turkey: Izmir Institute of Technology caseVecan, Didem
2007Measurement and modeling of thermodynamic and kinetic data of membrane forming systemsArslan, Mine Özge
2005Measurement of Henry's law constant of organochlorinated pesticidesÖzer, Serdar
Jul-2014Measurement of JavaScript applications' readiness to untrusted data using Bayesian NetworksUfuktepe, Ekincan
Jul-2017Measurement of transition metals in soda-lime-silicate glasses by using electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopyGöktürk, Hakan