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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2019Effects of manganese promotion on reactants and intermediates of Fischer Tropsch Synthesis on a model cobalt surface-a Density Functional Theory investigationGençoğlu, Merve
Sep-2017Investigation of the effects of HIV-1 and SIV AGM TAT proteins on SLPI gene expression in Chlorocebus sabaeus kidney (Vero) cell lineÖzkan, Aysu
2003Spectroscopic determination of major nutrients (N, P, K) of soilŞen, İlknur
2010Spectrum sensing techniques for cognitive radio systems with multiple antennasÜstok, Refik Fatih
Jul-2019Detection of bone marrow stem cell differentiation with magnetic levitationSarıgil, Öykü
Apr-2017Event distortion based clustering algorithm for energy harvesting wireless sensor networksAl-Qamaji, Ali Mudheher Raghib Kafi
Jul-2019Development of a cell sorting platform based on magnetic levitation principleYılmaz, Esra
1999A survey on personal computer applications in industrial design processAysan, A. Can
Jul-2017Simultaneous improvement in visual and acoustic performance by modifying common design components in lecture hallsÖztürk, Yasemin
Jul-2019Detection of febrile illness and its monitoring using IoT technologyTamur Kaya, Gamze
Jun-2019Rural heritage in excluded geographies: From Ahkis to Çevrecik a village of BitlisKurban, Özge
May-2017Synthesis and nitrogen doping of graphene by chemical vapor depositionYanılmaz, Alper
2006Statistical methods used for intrusion detectionÖzardıç, Onur
2006Studying seepage in a body of earth-fill dam by (Artifical Neural Networks) ANNsErsayın, Deniz
2010Spin polarized tunneling in large area mesas of superconducting Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+d for terahertz emissionTürkoğlu, Fulya
Jul-2017Synthesis of artificial metal (Fe,Mg) silicate deposits under high pressure and temperature conditions and development of polymeric inhibitor for metal silicate scalingÇelik, Aslı
Jul-2017Comparison of connnexin32 expression and function between MCF10A normal breast and MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cell linesAdak, Aslı
Jul-2017Importance of condition survey and report of built cultural heritage: Düzce (Hereke) BathÜnal, Yasemen
2007Submodules that have supplementsÇeliköz, Zafer
2002Sustainability and environmental issues in industrial product designDeniz, Deniz