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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2021B92 based quantum key distribution with faint pulsed laserMutlu, Görkem
Dec-2020Bending behavior of hybrid fiber reinforced concrete beamsAloui, Sarra
Dec-2021Bilayer chitosan/zein based nanofibers for antimicrobial wound dressing applicationİskeçman, Nilsu
Dec-2020Bioinformatic analysis and biostatistical modelling of genetic interactions between microbiota and hostMusa, Farid
May-2022Biolubricant production over sulfated TI-SBA-15 and TIO2-SIO2 based mesoporous catalystsÖzperçin, Tuğçe
Dec-2020Blackhole attacks in IoT networksSokat, Barış 
Mar-2021Butyl esters production from canola oil over heterogeneous base catalystsAkın, Oğuzhan 
Dec-2020A case study: Site-specific seismic response analysis for base-isolated building in DüzceEren, Volkan Gökçe 
Dec-2020Cell patterning with magnetic manipulationÇağan, Melike
Dec-2020Ceramic microfiltration membrane design towards oil removal in metal industry wastewater streamsEren, Muhammet Şakir Abdullah
Dec-2020Characterization of designed novel cytochrome P450 for industrial biocatalysisSakallı, Tuğçe
Jul-2021Characterization of genes that play role in manganese tolerance in different yeast speciesKaragöz, Ezgi
Dec-2020Characterizations of simple-direct modulesDiril, Müge
Dec-2020Chemical characterization of caldanaerobacter subterraneus subsp. tengcongensis heme-nitric oxide/oxygen binding proteinErdal, Merve
Dec-2021Children's perceptions of neighborhood qualities: A case in Çorum (Turkey)Saraçer, Gizem 
Dec-2020Classification of contradictory opinions in text using deep learning methodsOğul, İskender Ülgen 
Dec-2021Cloning, expression and characterization of sericin like octamer-repeat proteinŞahin, Alper
Dec-2019A comparative study on the photocatalytic activity of dye-sensitized and non-sensitized graphene oxide-TİO2 composites under simulated and direct sunlightİlhan, Hatice
Jul-2021Comparison of powder synthesis methods for the production of potassium sodium niobate (KNN)Pişkin, Cerem
Mar-2021Conservation aimed evaluation of the bath ruin in Gülbahçe, Urla, İzmirÇağlıyurt, Aslı