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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2021GIS-based determination of suitable areas with multi-criteria approach for solar power plants and assessment of land decisions: the case study of İzmirToprakcı, Nevin Selin
Jul-2021Global diffusion of green building certification systems (GBCS): a lead and lag markets modelKaya, Yusuf Furkan
Dec-2020Graphene-like materials for electronic applicationsBaşkurt, Mehmet
Sep-2021Gravity compensation of a 2R1T mechanism with remote center of motion for minimally invasive transnasal surgery applications [Master Thesis]Aldanmaz, Ataol Behram
Dec-2020The growth of vanadium dioxide thin films by magnetron sputtering technique and terahertz wave modulation characteristicsAta, Bengü 
Jul-2021House price dynamics in izmir's neighborhoods: A comprehensive approachSayın, Zeynep Melike 
Jul-2021Identification of single-layer crystalline structures through their electronic and optical propertiesSözen, Yiğit 
Dec-2020The impact of adsorbates on the optoelectronic properties of graphene/silicon based schottky barrier photodiodesŞahan, Nusret
Dec-2021Impact of urbanization on hydrogeodynamic systems: A case study: Bornova region (İzmir, Turkey)Öztürk, Bahadır
Jul-2021Improvement on motion-guided siamese object tracking networks using prioritized windowsÜnlü, Ünver Can 
Dec-2021Improving joining performance of composites by electro-spinning of nano fibersEsenoğlu, Gözde 
Dec-2021In-depth investigation of the effects of different preprocessing strategies on infrared spectroscopic dataDeniz, Elin İlayda
Jul-2021In-vitro evaluation cytotoxic potential of novel isoindole derivatives on various cancer cell linesYemeztaşlıca Yetişkin, Egehan 
Jul-2021Induction of hairy root culture in eggplant with rhizobium rhizogenesÖztürk, Tuba
Dec-2020Induction of secondary metabolism of some marine derived Streptomyces species, and isolation and identification of their bioactive secondary metabolitesGezer, Emre
Dec-2021An inquiry into the adoption process of building information modeling in architectural practiceBaçnak, Tuğçe Zeynep
May-2021Integration of archaeological sites into planning process: The case of iskele (Urla)Erincik, Sedef
Dec-2021Investigating the effect of human SACM1L gene in the p53 wild type breast epithelial MCF10A and breast cancer MCF7 cellsEfe, Eda 
Jul-2021Investigating the effect of metallic nanoparticles presence on signal intensity for dried-droplet analysis by laser-induced plasma spectroscopyTetik Karabıyık, Özge
Jul-2021Investigating the function of Cx26-I30N and D50Y mutations in squamous cell carcinoma cell line SCC-25Yavuz, Büşra