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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2019On relative projectivity of some classes of modulesAlagöz, Yusuf 
Jul-2021On the characterization of motor imagery functions based on systematic timing organization of the human brainOlcay, Bilal Orkan 
2013Online time delay identification and adaptive control for general classes of nonlinear systemsBayrak, Alper 
2012Operations on proper classes related to supplementsDemirci, Yılmaz Mehmet
2013Operator splitting method for parabolic partial differential equations: Analyses and applicationsGücüyenen, Nurcan
Jul-2019Optical and electronic properties of atomically thin layered materials: First principles calculationsİyikanat, Fadıl
Jul-2017Optical properties of ultra-thin materialsBacaksız, Cihan
Dec-2018An optimization model for luminaire layout design in office spaces: OptimLUMUygun, İlknur
2009Optimization of the axial crushing behavior of closed-cell aluminum foam filled welded 1050 al square-cross section crashboxesToksoy, Ahmet Kaan
Dec-2017Optimum design of carbon/epoxy composite laminates for maximum fatigue life using multiaxial prediction modelsDeveci, Hamza Arda
2009Optimum land-use allocation using binary integer programming and geographic information systems: Case of ÇeşmeTürk, Ersin
Jul-2022Parametric flow simulation for early design phase: Case study of an urban regeneration area in IzmirÖner, Efe
Mar-2021Participatory approach in urban design: Evaluating the process in the case of İzmirdenizArslan, Özlem
Jul-2018The penetration behavior of repeated hemisphere core sandwich structures: An experimental and numerical studyTuran, Ali Kıvanç
Jul-2022Performance enhancement of graphene/silicon based near-infrared Schottky photodiodesFidan, Mehmet
Dec-2020Performance improvement of composite materials used as hydrogen storage tanks by microstructural modificationsAy, Zeynep 
2008The phenomenon of the home in modern culture: Transcendental homelessness and escape fantasy at the intersection of art and designTalu, Nilüfer 
Jul-2015Photonic crystal based spectral filter devices for optical communicationKarakılınç, Özgür Önder
Jul-2022Photonic crystal textilesÇetin, Zebih
Dec-2020Physics of higher spin fieldsSargın, Ozan