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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2015Joint reconstruction of surface geometry and reflection properties by using image based methodsOzan, Şükrü
Jul-2017Kinematic design and analysis of deployable vault and pseudo-dome structures based on origami techniquesKaraveli Kartal, Andree Sonad
Jul-2022Krull-Schmidt properties over non-noetherian ringsGürbüz, Ezgi
Dec-2022Lead-free ferroelectric ceramics for energy storage and electrocaloric cooling applicationsKarakaya, Merve 
Dec-2022Location privacy in cellular networksYaman, Okan
Jul-2019Long-term protection efficiency of biodegradable polymer treatments on limestoneKaplan, Zişan
Jul-2019Macro-micro robotic manipulation: A laser cutting case studyUzunoğlu, Emre 
Jul-2017Macromolecular design of hydroxyl functional linear and star-shaped L-lactide and ?-caprolactone biodegradable polyesters utilizing biosafe catalysts for biomedical applicationsBaşalp, Dildare
Jul-2019Magnetic effect in the biological functioning of hemoglobin: DFT+QMC approach within an effective multi-orbital Anderson impurity modelMayda, Selma 
Jul-2021Magnetic levitation of cells from bone marrow originAnıl İnevi, Müge 
Jan-2018Magnetron sputter grown metal doped vanadium oxide thin films for terahertz bolometersAlaboz, Hakan
Jun-2017Magnetron sputtering growth of AZO/ZnO/Zn(O,S) multilayers for Cu2ZnSnS4 thin film solar cells: Material and device characterizationKöseoğlu, Fulya
Jun-2020Manipulation of structural design parameters to mitigate the concentrarion of interstory drift ratiosSönmez, Egemen
2012Mass-housing consensuses and their effects on design organizations in terms of qualityEk, Fatma İpek 
Jul-2023Material model calibration of fiber reinforced concrete using deep neural networkYaşayanlar, Yonca
2014Mathematical modelling of light propagation in pohotonic crystal waveguidesEti, Neslihan
Dec-2020Medium-aware inference for wireless sensor networksWahdan, Muath Abed Alrauf
Jan-2017Metabolic and genetic profiling for primary and secondary metabolites in tomatoGürbüz, Nergiz 
Nov-2016Metal-catalyzed coupling reactions of conjugated enyne alcohol derivatives with organometallics: An effective method in synthesis of functionalized vinylallenesTaç, Doğan
Jul-2020A method for GIS and BIM integration to support automated zoning code compliance checkingDemir Altıntaş, Yelin