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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2023Fabrication and characterization of SOI based photodetectors with graphene electrodeYanılmaz, Alper
Jul-2017Fabrication of metamaterial filters for terahertz wave applications by e-beam patterningDemirhan, Yasemin 
Jul-2019The fabrication of plasmonic/photonic nanostructures in polymers: Mechanical sensor applicationsTopçu, Gökhan
Jul-2017Feasibility of eugenol encapsulated poly (lactic acid) (PLA) films via electrospinning as a novel delivery system for volatile compounds in food packaging systemsArserim Uçar, Dilhun Keriman
2013"Fine-Sgraffito ware," "Aegean ware" from Anaia: An analytical approachBudak Ünaler, Meral
Nov-2016Finite element simulations of impact test for light alloy wheelsPehlivanoğlu, Uğur
2010Fixation and stabilization of heavy metals in a product composed of fly ash and industrial acidic wastesÜzelyalçın Ülkü, Berna
Mar-2019Fourier analysis based testing of finite state machinesTakan, Savaş 
Jul-2022Frequent subgraph mining over dynamic graphsAbuzayed, Nourhan N. I.
Jul-2017Functionalized CVD grown graphene for gas sensing applicationsYağmurcukardeş, Nesli
2009Gas permeation through sol-gel derived alumina and silica based membranesTopuz, Berna
2013Gas-phase fragmentation mechanisms of protonated peptides via tandem mass spectrometryTaşoğlu, Çağdaş
Jul-2020Gauged and geometric vector fields at the MeV scalePuliçe, Beyhan 
Nov-2017Generalized Bayesian model selection using reversible jump Markov chain Monte CarloKarakuş, Oktay
2010A genetic-fuzzy system modeling of trip distributionKompil, Mert
Dec-2022Geometric properties of coupler-curve equation of planar slider-crank and four-bar linkagesEraz, Talha
Jul-2019GIS besed spatial equity mapping and park provision at neighborhood scale: Izmir caseÖzkan, Sevim Pelin
Jan-2023Heat and mass transfer characteristics of adsorbents in heat pump and refrigeratorGündoğan, Şefika Çağla
2014Homological objects of proper classes generated by simple modulesDurğun, Yılmaz
2012Hydrogen production from biomass on structured catalystsUmdu, Emin Selahattin