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Oct-2019Data-driven modelling of daylight redirecting fenestration at variable directional resolutionGrobe, Lars Oliver 
Nov-2019Density grid based stream clustering algorithmAhmed, Rowanda Daoud
Jul-2022Design and analysis of deployable reciprocal framesÖzen, Gülçin
Jul-2014Design and fabrication of a fiber-integrated mode-selective photopolymer grating couplerSümer, Can
May-2016Design and synthesis of boron-dipyrromethene (BODIPY) based fluorescent and colorimetric sensors for the detection of gold and mercury ionsÜçüncü, Muhammed
Jul-2017Design and synthesis of rhodamine based fluorescent and colorimetric sensors for the detection of gold ionsKarakuş, Erman
Jun-2013Design of a continuous flow UV reactor for opaque liquid foods by using computational fluid dynamics (CFD)Atılgan, Mehmet Reşat
Jul-2020Design of a robot assisted minimally invasive surgical system for pituitary tumor surgery based on safety featuresMaaroof, Omar Waleed Najm
2011Design of dimensionally-stable laminated somposites subjected to hygro-thermo-mechanical loading by stochastic optimization methodsAydın, Levent
May-2013Design, construction and optimization studies of a hydride generation laser-induced breakdown spectrometric system, (hg-libes), for the determination of toxic elements in aqueous samplesÜnal Yeşiller, Semira
Jul-2020Desing and production of light-weight pressure resistant composite tank materials and systems for hydrogen storageKartav, Osman 
2007Detection of environmental and urban change using remote sensing and GISTarhan, Çiğdem
Dec-2013Detection of staphylococcus aureus using quqntitative real-time polymerase chain reaction and loop-mediated isothermal amplification methods in Turkish white cheeseKadiroğlu, Pınar
Mar-2021Detection of the metastatic potential of breast cancer cell lines to specific target tissuesFıratlıgil Yıldırır, Burcu 
Jul-2017Determination of Byzantine wall painting techniques in Wester AnatoliaŞerifaki, Kerem 
2004Determination of the place concept in reproduction process of built environment: Kordon, Izmir as a case studyYılmaz, Ebru 
Jul-2022Determination of vitamin D by sensor technologies based on molecular imprinted polymersÖlçer, Yekta Arya
2009Developing a strategic decision- making process for local energy planning and urban land- use evaluations: The case for Balc¸ova geothermal energyKutluca, Ahmet Kıvanç
Jul-2018Developing graphene-organic hybrid electrodes for silicon based Schottky devicesAydın, Hasan
Jul-2021Development and characterization of innovative fiber reinforced prepregs and their composites containing functional fillersUz, Yusuf Can