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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2007Assessment of material use in relation to climate in historical buildingsİpekoğlu, Başak ; Böke, Hasan ; Çizer, Özlem
Jun-2013Characteristics of bricks used in the domes of some historic bath buildingsUğurlu Sağın, Elif ; Böke, Hasan 
May-2008Characteristics of lime produced from limestone containing diatomsBöke, Hasan ; Çizer, Özlem; İpekoğlu, Başak ; Uğurlu Sağın, Elif ; Şerifaki, Kerem; Toprak, Gülcan
Apr-2009Characterization of materials used in the execution of historic oil paintings by XRD, SEM-EDS, TGA and LIBS analysisŞerifaki, Kerem; Böke, Hasan ; Yalçın, Şerife ; İpekoğlu, Başak 
Jun-2013Construction techniques of domes in some Ottoman bathsReyhan, Kader; İpekoğlu, Başak ; Böke, Hasan 
Jun-2012Determination of CaCO 3 and SiO 2 content in the binders of historic lime mortarsUğurlu Sağın, Elif ; Böke, Hasan ; Aras, Nadir; Yalçın, Şerife 
Dec-2002Effect of some surfactants on SO2-marble reactionBöke, Hasan ; Göktürk, E. Hale; Caner Saltık, Emine N.
Sep-2003Ettringite formation in historic bath brick-lime plastersBöke, Hasan ; Akkurt, Sedat 
Aug-2010Evaluation of heat treated clay for potential use in intervention mortarsBudak, Meral; Akkurt, Sedat ; Böke, Hasan 
Feb-2018Execution technique and pigment characteristics of Byzantine wall paintings of Anaia Church in Western AnatoliaDemir, Serap; Şerifaki, Kerem; Böke, Hasan 
2019Interior plastering of Ottoman bath buildingsİpekçi, Emre; Uğurlu Sağın, Elif ; Böke, Hasan 
2004Investigation of the pozzolanic properties of bricks used in horasan mortars and plasters in historic buildingsBöke, Hasan ; Akkurt, Sedat ; İpekoğlu, Başak 
Jun-2019Long term stability of biodegradable polymers on building limestoneKaplan, Zişan; Böke, Hasan ; Sofuoğlu, Aysun ; İpekoğlu, Başak 
2017Physicochemical properties of glass tesserae in Roman Terrace House from ancient Antandros (Base glass, opacifiers and colorants)Kaplan, Zişan; İpekoğlu, Başak ; Böke, Hasan 
Sep-2009Properties of Roman bricks and mortars used in Serapis temple in the city of PergamonBöke, Hasan ; Özkaya, Özlem Aslan
Nov-2009Protection of marble surfaces by using biodegradable polymers as coating agentOcak, Yılmaz; Sofuoğlu, Aysun ; Tıhmınlıoğlu, Funda ; Böke, Hasan 
Feb-2004Quantification of CaCO3-CaSO3·0.5H 2O-CaSO4·2H2O mixtures by FTIR analysis and its ANN modelBöke, Hasan ; Akkurt, Sedat ; Özdemir, Serhan ; Göktürk, E. Hale; Caner Saltık, Emine N.
Jan-2003Reducing marble-SO2 reaction rate by the application of certain surfactantsBöke, Hasan ; Gauri, K. Lal
1-May-2015Sustainable bio-nano composite coatings for the protection of marble surfacesOcak, Yılmaz; Sofuoğlu, Aysun ; Tıhmınlıoğlu, Funda ; Böke, Hasan 
Jun-2009The use of brick-lime plasters and their relevance to climatic conditions of historic bath buildingsUğurlu Sağın, Elif ; Böke, Hasan