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May-2008Dye adsorption behavior of Luffa cylindrica fibersDemir, Hasan; Top, Ayben ; Balköse, Devrim; Ülkü, Semra
Jan-2008Effect of additives on flexible PVC foam formationDemir, Hasan; Sipahioğlu, Muzaffer; Balköse, Devrim; Ülkü, Semra
Mar-2006The effect of fiber surface treatments on the tensile and water sorption properties of polypropylene-luffa fiber compositesDemir, Hasan; Atikler, Ulaş; Balköse, Devrim; Tıhmınlıoğlu, Funda 
Apr-2009Effects of porosity on heat and mass transfer in a granular adsorbent bedDemir, Hasan; Mobedi, Moghtada; Ülkü, Semra
Oct-2011Heat and mass transfer in the adsorbent bed of an adsorption heat pumpDemir, Hasan; Mobedi, Moghtada; Ülkü, Semra
May-2006Influence of surface modification of fillers and polymer on flammability and tensile behaviour of polypropylene-compositesDemir, Hasan; Balköse, Devrim; Ülkü, Semra
Jul-2011Microcalorimetric investigation of water vapor adsorption on silica gelDemir, Hasan; Mobedi, Moghtada; Ülkü, Semra
Jul-2006Optimisation of the effect of colemanite as a new synergistic agent in an intumescent systemAtikler, Ulaş; Demir, Hasan; Tokatlı, Figen ; Tıhmınlıoğlu, Funda ; Balköse, Devrim; Ülkü, Semra
Dec-2008A review on adsorption heat pump: Problems and solutionsDemir, Hasan; Mobedi, Moghtada; Ülkü, Semra
Sep-2005Synergistic effect of natural zeolites on flame retardant additivesDemir, Hasan; Arkış, Esen; Balköse, Devrim; Ülkü, Semra