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Mar-2009Analysis and suppression of nonlinear frequency modulation in an optical frequency-domain reflectometerYüksel, Kıvılcım ; Wuilpart, Marc; Mégret, Patrice
2007Centralised optical monitoring of tree-structured passive optical networks using a raman-assisted OTDRYüksel, Kıvılcım ; Letheux, S.; Grillet, A.; Wuilpart, Marc; Giannone, D.; Hancq, J.; Ravet, G.; Mégret, Patrice
2012Complete analysis of multireflection and spectral-shadowing crosstalks in a quasi-distributed fiber sensor interrogated by OFDRYüksel, Kıvılcım ; Moeyaert, Véronique; Mégret, Patrice; Wuilpart, Marc
Dec-2018Development of a phase-OTDR interrogator based on coherent detection schemeYüksel, Kıvılcım ; Jason, Johan; Wuilpart, Marc
Jan-2019Effect of Faraday mirror imperfections in a fiber optic current sensor dedicated to ITERKarabulut, Doğuş; Miazin, Anton; Gusarov, Andrei; Moreau, Philippe; Leysen, Willem; Megret, Patrice; Wuilpart, Marc
Mar-2012Infrared radiation detector interrogated by optical frequency-domain reflectometerYüksel, Kıvılcım ; Caucheteur, Christophe; Renoirt, Jean-Michel; Debliquy, Marc; Mégret, Patrice; Wuilpart, Marc
Nov-2017Laboratory evaluation of a phase-OTDR setup for railway monitoring applicationsJason, J.; Yüksel, Kıvılcım ; Wuilpart, Marc
Jul-2010Novel monitoring technique for passive optical networks based on optical frequency domain reflectometry and fiber bragg gratingsYüksel, Kıvılcım ; Wuilpart, Marc; Moeyaert, Véronique; Mégret, Patrice
2009Optical frequency domain reflectometry: A reviewYüksel, Kıvılcım ; Wuilpart, Marc; Moeyaert, Véronique; Mégret, Patrice
2008Optical layer monitoring in passive optical networks (PONs): A reviewYüksel, Kıvılcım ; Moeyaert, Véronique; Wuilpart, Marc; Mégret, Patrice
2020An overview of the recent advances in FBG-Assisted phase-sensitive OTDR technique and its applicationsYüksel, Kıvılcım ; Jason, J.; Koçal, Ertunga Burak; Sainz, M.L.-A.; Wuilpart, Marc
Nov-2011A quasi-distributed temperature sensor interrogated by optical frequency-domain reflectometerYüksel, Kıvılcım ; Mégret, Patrice; Wuilpart, Marc
2019Spectral shadowing suppression technique in phase-OTDR sensing based on weak fiber Bragg grating arrayde Miguel Soto, Veronica; Jason, Johan; Kurtoğlu, Deniz; Lopez-Amo, Manuel; Wuilpart, Marc