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2019Bioactive diatomite and POSS silica cage reinforced chitosan/Na-carboxymethyl cellulose polyelectrolyte scaffolds for hard tissue regenerationTamburacı, Sedef; Kimna, Ceren; Tıhmınlıoğlu, Funda 
Jul-2019Bioactive fish scale incorporated chitosan biocomposite scaffolds for bone tissue engineeringKara, Aylin; Tamburacı, Sedef; Tıhmınlıoğlu, Funda ; Havıtçıoğlu, Hasan
Oct-2018Biosilica incorporated 3D porous scaffolds for bone tissue engineering applicationsTamburacı, Sedef; Tıhmınlıoğlu, Funda 
2020Chitosan-hybrid poss nanocomposites for bone regeneration: The effect of poss nanocage on surface, morphology, structure and in vitro bioactivityTamburacı, Sedef; Tıhmınlıoğlu, Funda 
May-2019Chitosan/montmorillonite composite nanospheres for sustained antibiotic delivery at post-implantation bone infection treatmentKımna, Ceren; Değer, Sibel; Tamburacı, Sedef; Tıhmınlıoğlu, Funda 
2015Determination of Superoxide Dismutase Activities in Different Cyanobacteria for Scavenging of Reactive Oxygen SpeciesGüneş, Seda; Tamburacı, Sedef; İmamoğlu, Esra; Dalay, Meltem Conk
Nov-2017Diatomite reinforced chitosan composite membrane as potential scaffold for guided bone regenerationTamburacı, Sedef; Tıhmınlıoğlu, Funda 
2020The effect of biomimetic coating and cuttlebone microparticle reinforcement on the osteoconductive properties of cellulose-based scaffoldsPalaveniene, Alisa; Songailiene, Kristina; Baniukaitiene, Odeta; Tamburacı, Sedef; Kimna, Ceren; Tıhmınlıoğlu, Funda ; Liesiene, Jolanta
2017In vitro evaluation of Spirulina platensis extract incorporated skin cream with its wound healing and antioxidant activitiesGünes, Seda; Tamburacı, Sedef; Dalay, Meltem Conk; Gürhan, İsmet Deliloğlu
Jul-2016Natural and synthetic silica incorporated chitosan composite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering applicationsTamburacı, Sedef
2020A novel bilayer zein/MMT nanocomposite incorporated with H. perforatum oil for wound healingGüneş, Seda; Tamburacı, Sedef; Tıhmınlıoğlu, Funda 
2018Novel phytochemical Cissus quadrangularis extract-loaded chitosan/Na-carboxymethyl cellulose-based scaffolds for bone regenerationTamburacı, Sedef; Kimna, Ceren; Tıhmınlıoğlu, Funda 
Jan-2018Novel poss reinforced chitosan composite membranes for guided bone tissue regenerationTamburacı, Sedef; Tıhmınlıoğlu, Funda 
2019Novel zein-based multilayer wound dressing membranes with controlled release of gentamicinKimna, Ceren; Tamburacı, Sedef; Tıhmınlıoğlu, Funda 
2019Osteoconductive 3D porous composite scaffold from regenerated cellulose and cuttlebone-derived hydroxyapatitePalaveniene, Alisa; Tamburacı, Sedef; Kimna, Ceren; Glambaite, Kristina; Baniukaitiene, Odeta; Tıhmınlıoğlu, Funda ; Liesiene, Jolanta