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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Analog realization of the quantum derivative operatorSavacı, Ferit Acar ; Erdoğan, R. Uğraş
2005Approximate stationary density of the nonlinear dynamical systems excited with white noiseGünel, Serkan; Savacı, Ferit Acar 
2018Basin stability of single machine infinite bus power systems with Levy type load fluctuationsYılmaz, Serpil; Savacı, Ferit Acar 
Mar-2015Bayesian stable mixture model of state densities of generalized Chua's circuitSavacı, Ferit Acar ; Yılmaz, Serpil
Oct-2019Blind recognition of alpha-stable random carrier signals by an eavesdropper in random communication systemsAhmed, Areeb; Savacı, Ferit Acar 
Aug-2002The circuit implementation of a wavelet function approximatorÖzkurt, Nalan; Savacı, Ferit Acar ; Gündüzalp, Mustafa
Sep-2005The circuit realization of Mexican Hat wavelet functionÖzkurt, Nalan; Savacı, Ferit Acar ; Gündüzalp, Mustafa
2009Classification of Turkish musical instrumentsÖzbek, M. Erdal; Savacı, Ferit Acar 
Jan-2010Continuous time wavelet entropy of auditory evoked potentialsÇek, Mehmet Emre; Özgören, Murat; Savacı, Ferit Acar 
2020Controlling the rotor angle stability of single machine infinite bus system in the presence of wiener and alpha-stable levy type power fluctuationsSavacı, Ferit Acar ; Yılmaz, Serpil
2011Correntropy function for fundamental frequency determination of musical instrument samplesÖzbek, Mehmet Erdal; Savacı, Ferit Acar 
2020Covert Electromagnetic Nanoscale Communication System in the Terahertz ChannelAhmed, Areeb; Savacı, Ferit Acar 
Nov-2006Determination of the stationary state densities of the stochastic nonlinear dynamical systemsGünel, Serkan; Savacı, Ferit Acar 
2005Determination of wavelet ridges of nonstationary signals by singular value decompositionÖzkurt, Nalan; Savacı, Ferit Acar 
2017Effect of levy type load fluctuations on the stability of single machine infinite bus power systemsYılmaz, Serpil; Savacı, Ferit Acar 
May-2012Estimating probability density functions and entropies of chua's circuit using b-spline functionsSavacı, Ferit Acar ; Güngör, Mesut
2009Estimation of partial directed coherence and direction of information flow with auditory evoked potentialsÇek, M. Emre; Savacı, Ferit Acar ; Özgören, Murat
2007Extraction of signal component using wavelet ridgesÖzkurt, Nalan; Savacı, Ferit Acar 
2009Fundamental frequency tracking of musical signals with correntropyÖzbek, M. Erdal; Savacı, Ferit Acar 
Aug-2006Harmonic balance analysis of the generalized chua's circuitSavacı, Ferit Acar ; Günel, Serkan