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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Completely cotorsion modulesPusat, Dilek
Feb-2014Hereditary rings with countably generated cotorsion envelopeGuil Asensio, Pedro A.; Pusat, Dilek
2010Injective modules over down-up algebrasCarvalho, Paula A.A.B.; Lomp, Christian; Pusat, Dilek
Jan-2007Modules over Prüfer domains which satisfy the radical formulaBuyruk, Dilek; Pusat, Dilek
2009Modules whith coprimary decompositionTekin, Semra
2010Modules whose maximal submodules are supplementsBüyükaşık, Engin ; Pusat, Dilek
2014On ?-perfect and ?-semiperfect ringsKızılaslan, Gonca
Jan-2014The proper class generated by weak supplementsAlizade, Rafail; Demirci, Yılmaz Mehmet; Durğun, Yılmaz; Pusat, Dilek
2014Semiperfect and perfect group ringsKalaycı, Tekgül