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Aug-2015Design of dual-mode dual-band photonic crystal bandpass filters for terahertz communication applicationsKarakılınç, Özgür Önder; Dinleyici, Mehmet Salih 
2016Index modulation of transient grating in nonlinear mediumKarakılınç, Özgür Önder; Dinleyici, Salih Mehmet
Sep-2011Interference grating structures in photonic crystal circuitsKarakılınç, Özgür Önder; Dinleyici, Mehmet Salih 
Jul-2015Photonic crystal based spectral filter devices for optical communicationKarakılınç, Özgür Önder
2009A study on nonlinear photonic crystal optical switching with chi((3)) type materialKarakılınç, Özgür Önder; Dinleyici, Mehmet Salih